Zachery Tims UPdate: Judge Rules cause should and will be released!


According to The Orlando Sentinel, Manhattan State Supreme Court Judge Cynthia Kern has ruled that the cause of the Rev. Zachery Tims’ death should be released and will as soon as this week.

New Destiny Christian Center is scheduled to announce its new pastor on New Year’s Eve. I  pray this news will allow the congregation to bring closure to this matter and continue the work that Pastor Zach started with their ministry.

By:  Jeff kerneth: Orlando Sentinal

After more than four months, the cause of death for Apopka megachurch preacher Zachery Tims could be released later this week.

On Monday, a New York judge ruled that no statute prohibits the New York City Medical Examiner from releasing the cause and manner of death for Tims, the pastor of New Destiny Christian Center.

“Since information regarding the cause and manner of death is not only within the purview of the [Medical Examiner] but is fundamental to its mission, it is empowered to take actions regarding that mission so long as such actions are not illegal,” wrote Manhattan State Supreme Court Judge Cynthia S. Kern. “This court declares that, upon public inquiry, the [Medical Examiner] may release the cause and manner of death in the cases it handles.”

Tims, 42, was found dead in his Times Square hotel room Aug. 12.

“The Medical Examiner has historically released the cause and manner of death upon public inquiry, and we are gratified that the Court agreed that this important practice complies with the law,” said New York City Attorney Ave Maria Brennan.

Ricardo Oquendo, who represented Tims’ mother in the lawsuit that sought to suppress the results, argued that the cause of death was not public record. Madeline Tims filed the lawsuit in October, just as the New York Medical Examiner was about to release the report, contending the findings would be embarrassing to her, her grandchildren and her son’s congregation.

Brennan countered that, although Tims’ autopsy and toxicology reports are not public record, his cause of death is public.

Kern noted that both sides agreed that there was no explicit statute that prohibited, or permitted, the release of the cause of death. But she ruled that the Medical Examiner’s practice of releasing the cause of death fell within the existing statutes of the City of New York.

She further stated that Freedom of Information Law restrictions banning the release of the actual autopsy and toxicology reports apply only to documents — and not the specific cause of death.

Although the New York City Police ruled there was no foul play involved in Tims’ death, published reports said that police found a packet of powder in his pants pocket. The nature of the powder is unknown but led to speculation that Tims died of a drug overdose.

Tims, who grew up in Baltimore, was candid about his past, which included violence and drug addiction as a teenager. In the eulogy at Tims’ funeral, evangelist T.D. Jakes characterized Tims as an imperfect man who ministered to imperfect people.

“He tried hard to heal himself, to fix himself,” said Jakes, chief pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas.




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