Zachery Tims Update: Autopsy results remained sealed Temporarily


An Appeals court in New York issued a temporary stay after Madeline Tims filed a notice of appeal to the Ny State Supreme Court to prevent the results of  Pastor Zachery Tims’ autopsy including the toxicology report being released.

The State Supreme Court issued that the reports could be released, however Ms. Tims family had 30 days to appeal and that is exactly what she did stating that  releasing those reports would cause great embarrassment to his children and the members of New Destiny Christian Center. Hence the report will remain sealed until the case is heard in the court of appeals.

Nonetheless, I guess we can all read between the lines and know that it was not sugar found in his pocket. (smh) RIP: Pastor Tims.

By: By Jeff Kunerth, Orlando Sentinel

Madeline Tims is arguing that revealing her son’s cause of death would be “embarrassing to her, his children, and her grandchildren” and the congregation at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka.

Madeline Tims’ attorney Ricardo E. Oquendo said that should the Appellate Court grant the stay, it could be a year or more until a decision is made. Oquendo has until October to file his appeal.

“If I win my stay, there will not be a decision on the Tims case until 2013,” Oquendo said.

However, if the court refuses to extend the stay through the appeal process, the Medical Examiner could release the cause of death, rending the appeal mute, Oquendo said.

Tims, senior pastor of the megachurch New Destiny Christian Center, died Aug. 12 in a New York City hotel room of undetermined causes. The autopsy and toxicology results were completed in October, but Madeline Tims filed a lawsuit to prevent their release, contending that the results would cause embarrassment to her, his children and his congregation.

New Destiny, with a reported 8,000 members, has been in mourning and turmoil since the sudden death of its dynamic co-founder. Tims, who rose to national prominence through his powerful preaching style and his televised services, reportedly had a packet of white powder in his pocket when his body was found.

Church leaders named Pastor Paula White to replace Tims in late December, which prompted a lawsuit from his ex-wife, Riva Tims, who co-founded the church in 1996.

Riva subsequently dropped the suit based on an agreement she signed in 2009, following her divorce from Tims. The 30-page agreement included a clause that she would not sue the church.

The dropping of the lawsuit has not ended the hard feelings and opposition toward church leaders who are accused by church members and supporters of Riva Tims of excluding the New Destiny congregation from the selection process. Some members started a petition to replace the church’s board of directors.

In Paula White, who remains tied to her Without Walls International Church in Tampa, New Destiny picked someone similar to Tims in her background and theology. White, like Tims, uses her rags-to-riches story to illustrate her prosperity gospel beliefs that God rewards those who pray — and tithe — with whatever they need.



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