Youtube Funny Friday: Dr. Shine Fly’s Away

"You tube Funny Friday"

Dr. Robert Freeman aka “Dr. Shine” who was sentenced recently to 27 mos. in prison for stealing from his church members, is the CLB featured character in this week’s you tube Funny Friday. This is an actual promo that Dr. Shine used to promote his ministry on the Word Network.

You just have to laugh at this video to keep from crying! Dr. Shine actually turns himself into a jet and fly’s away into the heavens. Well, this fake prophet almost had it right he flew away alright, just not to Heaven instead they flew his butt straight to the Penitentiary this week.

Now I can’t leave out his co-star and now ex. wife Dee Dee Shine, she is allegedly still preaching in Maryland

Enjoy this week’s Youtube Funny Friday: “Dr. Shine Fly’s Away”

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