Woman Marries Herself

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Yes you read it right, Woman marries herself,

Yasmin Eleby, a resident of Houston, TX married herself for her 40th birthday. Chile Peeze!

Though she is not the first person to marry herself national media has picked up on the story and its now a runaway train.

Yasmin Eleby says that despite the backlash from folks who have said she’s lonely or desperate, she saw the ceremony as a way to express love but in a non-traditional way.

“I wanted to have this wedding as an expression of self love and to acknowledge the 40 years hat God has blessed me with. I didn’t want people to make a mockery of marriage or a wedding so I invited three ministers to speak on the topic of forgiveness, honor and love,” Eleby says. “I made vows to myself to do just that – forgive, honor and love myself just as I am, a uniquely wonderful person created by God.”

Chile, Yasmin Eleby did the thang! Hired and event planner, sent invitations to friends and family asking them to come celebrate her 40th birthday. She married herself in a Full ceremony including 10 bridesmaids a diamond and amethyst eternity band and planning a honeymoon, Yasmin even invited a few of her exes, Chile I wonder what they thought about all that!

“I have had my dream day,” says Eleby. “Whenever my husband finds me, it’s going to be all about him.”

Really, I find that statement hard to believe.

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