Racist White Man Crosses the Line with this Question

A Racist White Man Crosses the Line with this Question!
Every day we hear about white people policing Black people, but each story gets progressively worse.

According to a Facebook video, a white man at a Westin hotel in Pasadena, California asked a Black mother and her daughter if they had bathed before getting into the hotel pool. The mother, Carle Wheeler, who is from Texas, posted the disturbing video on Facebook. The white man stupidly defended himself by saying, “€œI’€™m tired of getting in pools people consider baths. Google it. Google the diseases in pools!”

The man claimed he was within his rights and also said he was a health inspector. Hotel management appeared to side with the mother, saying that was he was inappropriate.

Watch the video below, which has been viewed over 1.4 million times.

After the incident, Wheeler said in another Facebook video, it’s just sad that in 2018 we are still dealing with these issues and still having to teach our children things that people had to teach their children in the ’50s and ’60s. Nothing has changed.”

The Westin released the following statement to: KCAL-TV in Los Angeles, :€œWe do not condone the comments or behavior directed toward our pools guests.€ In addition, they confirmed the racist white man was not a health inspector.

My take on this story is that if our children did not know what racism was, they surely know now!!!