Wendy Williams Is Back At It With More Celebrity Bashing!


Wendy Williams is back dissing every celebrity she can find, but if she knows like I know, she may want to put that on the back burner as rumors are swirling all around regarding her husband Kevin Hunter and his mistress check her scoop and the tea she is spilling Kylie Jenner below:

Wendy Williams returned from the holiday break this week and wasted no time poppin’ off on celebrities.

She kicked off her Hot Topics segments by addressing Kylie Jenner and her alleged baby daddy Travis Scott.

Kylie has maintained a low profile since rumors began swirling she’s pregnant. Kris Jenner has not given Kylie the green light to confirm or deny the reports, as the family thrives and profits from the media attention.

Meanwhile, Williams believes that Jenner is keeping a low profile because she and Scott have called it quits — a break-up caused by her rumored pregnancy.

“Please, that was a split and run, in my mind. Like, the condom split, she took the test and was probably like, ‘Oh my god, what do I do now? Travis!’ He’s like, ‘No, I’m a rock star. You got plenty of money on your own, figure it out … I’ll pay child support from afar’, Williams said.

Williams also took a jab at Jenner’s cosmetic surgery.

“Let me tell you something, you can do whatever you want to yourself, but the baby is still going to look like the old you – just saying.”

Jenner is said to be devastated by Wendy’s comments.

“Kylie is traumatized over the whole situation,” a source close to the Kardashian-Jenner family tells HollywoodLife.com. “I’m not sure what upset her more, the comment about Travis not wanting her anymore or the stuff about her baby’s face.” Wendy’s words really hit home for Kylie, as the insider says the young star “was bullied in school.” Luckily, Kylie has a great support system of family and friends to comfort her when she’s down.

Big sister Kim Kardashian is also livid by what Wendy said, according to the family’s tipster.

“Kim has been comforting Kylie by reminding her of all the mean things Wendy’s even said about her, like the time she predicted that her and Kanye were going to be over right after North was born,” the source reveals,” adding, “That was almost five years ago and now they’re about to welcome their third child.”



(Photo Credit: YouTube)