Wendy Williams Drags Ashanti About Her Music & Career!

Wendy Williams Drags Ashanti About Her Music & Career!

Wendy Williams is at it again calling people out. And this time, she set her eyes on singer Ashanti and her career.

Recently Ashanti appeared on Joe Budden’s show Everyday Struggle where she explained her reason for being angry at fans who threw dollar bills at her while performing on stage. Budden believed the fans had a right because he thought she was dressed like a stripper.

Williams jumped on the bandwagon agreeing with Budden, but of course adding her touch to it.

“40 something years old at this point. Nobody cares about your music and 37, same difference. You are, and I didn’t call you a stripper, I call you an exotic dancer. And I agree with what Joe is saying,” explained Williams. “Ashanti just take it for what it is. Nobody is buying your music, nobody cares about your music. You’ve got a beautiful body and you’re using it to make your bones. And that is the fact Jack.”

That’s a pretty bad burn coming from Williams, however, Williams ought to be careful herself after social media dragged her in a similar way about her bikini picture and show. Check out the video below of Williams going in on Ashanti.

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(Source: The Jasmine Brand & Hollywood Street King)

(Photo by Omar Vega/Invision/AP, File)

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