Wendell Pierce Arrested

Wendell Pierce Arrested

Wendell Pierce Arrested, I wonder if he used his one call to phone Justice Thomas.

Wendell Pierce who appeared on the hit television show, the Wire and most recent as Justice Clarence Thomas in Confirmation, apparently did not have Justice Thomas in is pocket recently as he got arrested in Atlanta after allegedly getting into a political debate with some woman.

Maggie Elena Baca the alleged victim told police that Wendell Pierce got into a political debate while on the 23rd floor of the Lowes Atlanta Hotel, Wendell Pierce girlfriend was also allegedly there at the time.

Now according to Baca in the police report, Wendell Pierce followed her and her friends as they walked away, and he tried to force his way into their room and “began to hit her in the head, grabbing and ripping her hoodie off.

Wendell Pierce, of course, has a different story, noting that the women tried to pull him into their room.

Wendell Pierce was charged with simple battery.

He took to twitter a couple days following the incidents telling his fans:



Is it me or does something just don’t seem quite right about this story?  Oh well, like Mama and big Mama always said, there is two

sides to every story and the truth is always somewhere in the middle.