WAVES hits a Home Run


WAVES hits home with many African American Families!

From writer-director Trey Edward Shults comes, WAVES,  the searing story of one family pushed to the brink of destruction, and how its members find rebirth and renewal through love, connection, communication, and atonement. Featuring a stellar ensemble led by Kelvin Harrison, Jr., Sterling K. Brown, Taylor Russell, Lucas Hedges, Alexa Demie, and Renée Elise Goldsberry, WAVES is a uniquely structured story of American life right now, tracing the different trajectories and coping strategies of two South Florida siblings searching for meaning and identity in the wake of trauma.

Shults’ third feature is a deeply personal statement on love and loss, propelled by an exhilarating soundtrack, including songs by Frank Ocean and Radiohead and a mesmerizing score by the Academy Award-winning duo of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network). Shults is uncompromising in his words, visuals, and musical collaborations, revealing how deeply love and loss can reverberate through our lives and families.

Centered on an African-American family living in South Florida, WAVES is also an examination of parental pressure and the limitations of parental love—how finding communication between parent and child, and allowing vulnerability to be expressed on both sides, is essential to the survival of both. “My mom used to say, ‘I have to be hard on you so the world is not harder on you,’” says Sterling K. Brown, who plays the stern and uncompromising patriarch Ronald Williams. “That’s Ronald’s initial approach with his son, thinking he can’t have him going out in the world looking like a fool. Ronald has Production Notes the best of intentions for his son, but comes to discover, as I have as a father myself, that it’s better to parent out of love than fear.” WAVES examines love in its myriad incarnations, tracing how, at different times, it can both push people apart and draw them together. “This is a movie about the highs and lows of love—romantic love, familial love, what it means to have a passion for something, and what happens when everything falls apart,” says Shults.

“WAVES exudes an ebb and flow resembling how I think life truly feels at times.” In Shults’ adept hands, WAVES is also a statement about perseverance in the face of struggle, heartbreak, and loss. “As I have grown deeper into adulthood, I realize that life doesn’t always end at the worst moment—life continues, and you can push yourself and your loved ones to grow and heal along the way,” says Shults.

“This movie is about the dichotomies in our lives, and how many of these dichotomies are linked through love in its many forms—familial, parental, and romantic.” In WAVES, love can be the best feeling in the world and also the worst, crashing into our lives with vacillating force in unexpected ways. “Love can be destructive and it can be healing,” says Shults. “Leading with love is the way I want to live my life going forward, but as this story demonstrates, life and love are never that simple.”

This movie is a tear jerker and hit home for me in a LOT of ways,  Sterling K. Brown, did an OUTSTANDING job in portraying his character.  Now y’all already know what I am going to say, buy your ticket, you  won’t be disappointed, and you know the Church Lady always brings you a winner, WAVES is one!