Voices of Fire Review: The Church Lady Gives 10 High praises!

voices of Fire Review

The Voices of Fire Netflix series is captivating and inspiring I give it 10 high praises!!

Earlier this month, The Church Lady Blogs shared that Pharrell Williams was producing a Netflix series, Voices of Fire. Well chileeeeee, let’s just say Sunday Service better make some space! The church Lady had the opportunity to screen Voices of Fire, before its debut and was blown away by the talent, testimonies, and music shared. Not sure what to watch with your family this holiday season, turn on Voices of Fire-your heart will be glad. 

Now let me tell you, I went to church about a good 5 times! The multicultural, melting pot of 75 singers brought together to spread some good news and joy through music was strung together with a good balance of humor and inspiration! Something we all can use to bring this year to a close.


This series will have you singing, crying, and hitting the next episode to see who makes it and how they sound as an ensemble. Bishop Ezekial and his team are super passionate about Gospel music and does a great job showcasing their passions.

The brief stories the participants shared right before auditioning before the uplifting and soulful renditions of Gospel snippets were sung made this series REAL. It was no fluff, no dramatics, just real people with real talent looking to use their gifts in a mighty way. I could not stop watching each episode and it made me happy! 

The work that Bishop Ezekial is doing is 2020, next level ministry, and the Church Lady is here for it! Don’t believe, watch for yourself. Voices of Fire it’s debuting on Friday, November 20th on Netflix.