Video: Atlanta Pastor, Donald Brown, Ask Eddie Long Members to Sit Him Down!

During the 11am 6/12/11 service, Pastor Donald E. Battle of Divine Faith Ministeries International in Metro Atlanlta, GA says Eddie Long members need to demand that he sit down. Battle a one-time mentee of Creflo Dollar also said at his 8am service on 6/12/11 that Creflo was WRONG for trying to defend Eddie Long and that Creflo did NOT need to jump into that fire for Eddie Long……even TD Jakes didn’t jump to Eddie Long’s defense like that!


Rev. Battle is the 2nd pastor to even address the issue of the Eddie Long scandal. I admire him as I do Creflo for addressing and speaking on this “ask don’t tell” subject matter in the Black Church. I also liked how Rev. Battle welcomed Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church members to come worship ad Divine Faith ministries even providing them directions on how to get there!

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