Tyler Perry defends casting Kim Kardashian in new film “Marriage Counselor”



So, Tyler Perry who proclaims to be a Christian, has never been married and cross dresses(just kidding) asks for his fans understanding of his decision to continue to cast Kim Kardashian in his upcoming film about marriage.  Come on Tyler, even you can respect the fact that Kim Kardashian should not be associated with anything that reminds anybody about marriage considering she lacked enough faith in God to even give her marriage to Kris Humphries the slightest chance of survival.

 Now why in the world should we be understanding of your decision,Tyler, to stand by and allow your brand to be associated with this buffoonery.  My decision will be not to support the Marriage Counselor Movie and I am going to need you to “understand that!”


ATLANTA (AP) — Filmmaker Tyler Perry is defending his controversial decision to cast reality television star Kim Kardashian in an upcoming film about marriage.

Perry announced that Kardashian will have a role in “The Marriage Counselor” shortly before she ended her 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, creating a buzz on social media sites.

Perry says he wanted a younger cast, which Kardashian rounds out, to help attract younger viewers. In a statement on his website, Perry says he thinks “it would be a very responsible of her to be a part of this film” and good for young people who see her as a role model to “see her in a film that is about what happens in life when you make the wrong choices.”

Perry asked for his fans’ understanding.

Source: Associated Press

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