Pastors Bamboozled and Pimped out at Trump’s Meeting with Inner City Pastors

trumps meeting with inner city pastors

The official meeting was called Trump’s Meeting with Inner City Pastors, I interpreted the meeting as  “Pastors Bamboozled and Pimped out by 45”

Allegedly, The White House called the gathering Trump’s Meeting with Inner City Pastors and presented it to them as an opportunity to discuss prison reform and opportunities for ex-convicts, re-opening of steel mills, urban issues, job growth for minorities the president’s leadership and faith. Ok, I get that, Pastors would want to take the opportunity to speak to the president of the United States, especially, this one because he is just messing up so bad.

But, I, like thousands of African Americans who look to our Pastors to stand up for Justice in matters that affect our community, am sickened by the fact that African American pastors would actually sit at a table with 45 and allow themselves to be bamboozled.

What we saw was reminiscent to what we have read in history books and learned from our ancestors,  we saw “The Master”  allowing the slaves to come into the big house, to make “Master look Good”.

The most upsetting for me was to watch John Gray who sat directly next to 45 literally thanking him for the opportunity say NOTHING of substance and allow 45to use HIM as a prop! You have to watch John Gray’s interview on CNN trying to clean up why he went, of course, he played the “I believe God wanted me at the Table.”

The transcripts from the meeting reveal that after a few brief opening statements John Gray opened in prayer:

“God, we thank you for an opportunity to speak about the hearts of those who sometimes cannot fight for themselves. Thank you for this moment to be able to share our hearts with the president and his administration,” Gray said, according to White House transcripts. “Dr. King said we cannot influence a table that we are not seated at. And so we pray that this conversation will be fruitful, and productive, and honoring of the best traditions of this nation. We further pray that you will continue to give wisdom and insight to our President and his leadership team to be what our nation needs, to build this country from the inside out, that we will continue to be a beacon of hope and light around this world.”

Chile, Pleeze, Why, when you found out that you would not be allowed to ask questions, didn’t you get up and leave the table, John!

“I can only speak for me,” Gray said of the black religious community. “With everything that I could have lost and could still lose I believe that my voice was necessary because I was there for people who could not fight for themselves. That was my intention in my heart.”

Ok, well if you really wanted to speak from your heart and you really felt that God wanted you to be at that table, then I am sure God would want you to speak in HIS voice, Pastor Gray! You could have used your two minutes to speak “Truth to Power” in LOVE!

No, you and others, played it safe, you used your precious moments to share God’s word to say what you thought would be politically correct, not thinking once of that this small window of opportunity that “GOD” gave you to speak “Truth” to 45 and rebuke the unfair and unjust ways in which you know, Pastor Gray, that he is treating “God’s” People, your sheep!

Ok so enough about John Gray, what about Mike Freeman having the audacity to invite 45 to his church, Chile I am just thru with him and I mean, for Real, this time. I was almost over him trying to steal Jericho City of Praise from Pastor Joel Peeples, but here we are again, Mike Freeman looking out for Mike Freeman. Here is what he had to say:

"Dr.Michael Freeman: Alleged Mastermind of Jericho City of Praise Takeover'


“Mr. President, I am certainly honored to be here with you.  I’m Pastor Mike Freeman, from the Spirit of Faith Christian Center, 10 minutes from this house.  You are invited any Sunday you would like to come.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.

PASTOR FREEMAN:  I’ll leave a parking space open for you there so you won’t have any opportunity to be delayed.

This is a very critical time that we’re in.  One of the things I remember the most and recall about a statement you made when you were running, you said if you were able to win the White House, that Christians would have a friend in the White House.

I was really eager to find out whether or not that word would be kept as such.  To be sitting here with you today, as a representative of the Christian community, it is so wonderful.  I’m elated to know, first of all, that you’re a man of your word.  Secondly, you have an ear to hear from God.  With your having an ear to hear from God, this country is in great hands.

My prayer for you is that your ear will always be open to the wisdom and the spirit of God.  And I’m praying for you constantly, and everything I pray for comes to pass.  (Laughter.)  God bless you.

THE PRESIDENT:  That’s very nice.  And I’ll get over there, too.

PASTOR FREEMAN:  Yes, sir.  That would be great.

THE PRESIDENT:  We’ll get over there.  Thank you.

Chile, can you believe that? I am praying for Spirit of Faith Folk right about now.

John Ponder2

John Ponder-Las Vegas Nevada:

“First of all, Mr. President, I’d like to thank you for recognizing me on the National Day of Prayer — (Really Pastor Ponder smh)

“for the transformative power of Jesus that had worked in my life.  Since that day, I echo your sentiments that the work that is being done in the reentry community as a result of prison reform…”

“So we just thank you for the direction that the country is going in, and specifically, as our partnerships with law enforcement are beginning to grow.  Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has given us over 60 men and women from the police department that are serving as mentors and trainers for people coming home from the prison system.  And I think that is a direct result of the direction that our country is going in.

So I thank you and your administration for the hard work.”

Really Pastor Ponder, as black people of color are still being shot to death by law enforcement officers, children are being separated from the parents and you thank him, Really!


REv. De Jesus

REVEREND Wilfredo DE JESUS–Chicago, Illinois:

“Mr. President, I’m Reverend De Jesus, from the city of Chicago, from the community of Humboldt Park, New Life Covenant Church.

First of all, let me just say thank you for your boldness.  Thank you for taking a stand for those that are disenfranchised.”

Wow, Reverand DeJesus, what about the people of Puerto Rico who the President has refused to help???





trumps inner city meeting

DR. Van Moody – Birmingham, Alabama

” Mr. President, my name is Van Moody, from the Worship Center in Birmingham, Alabama.  And I just want to continue to underscore what’s already been said.  Thank you for your heart for all people, but particularly your leadership on the issue of prison reform and workforce development.”

Thank you for your heart for ALL people, where in the world have you been Pastor Moody, again, children are separated from the families, people of color are being killed and stalked under this man’s presidency and you have the audacity to acknowledge that he has a heart for ALL people. Chile it’s a good thing you are not my pastor cause I would not give you another dime of my hard earned money.




Kyle Searcy

“I want to echo all that’s been said.  We’re very grateful for your heart toward criminal justice reform, your heart for the urban community.  It’s very — very amazing.”

I am not even going to address that one, did you not forget how he often refers to the urban community, “low IQ”









trumps meeting with inner city pastors

“Mr. President, I’m Phillip Goudeaux from Sacramento, California. So, I guess the greatest word I can say for you, Mr. President, is that you have given this country expectations, given us a new hope, a new excitement to believe that things are getting better and going to get better.  And we appreciate that leadership — your tenacity to keep pushing in against all the opposition that comes against you.  Thank you so much.”




Trumps Meeting with Inner City Pastors



“Mr. President, Pastor Julian Lowe from Oasis Church in Los Angeles.  And I’ve very grateful for this administration and for you personally.”




Pastor Benny Perez

Pastor BEnny Perez

“I’m so honored to be here with all these incredible men and women.  Thank you so much.

Being a Hispanic leader, to see what is happening in the Hispanic community, it is the largest, as you know, ethnic community in America.  And to have the lowest unemployment rate and to see my family members and my community being really empowered to live a life and not just a dream, but actually, see the dream become a reality.

Thank you for all that you’re doing.”

So disheartening to hear this from this Pastor as his sheep and suffering so in Puerto Rico. (smh)



Pastor Paula White–PASTOR WHITE:

“Pastor Paula White from the Destiny Christian Center.  And it’s an honor to serve you with our faith initiative and opportunity.

Thank you for bringing the faith-based back to the White House and for all the great things you continue to do.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you, Paula.  Thank you for everything.

PASTOR WHITE:  Yes, sir.”

Allegedly Paula White is the one who rounded everybody up and no wonder she is masterful at manipulation, do not forget how she got to Destiny Center




Trumps meeting with inner city pastorsMarvin Winans Jr. -Detroit

“Mr. President, it’s an honor to be here.  When you asked us to speak, the first thing I thought about was my grandfather, and how it’s an honor to be here. ”

Really Marvin as your sheep are still trying to get clean water in their city, (smh)






Trumps meeting with inner city pastors

” Mr. President, I’m Bishop Kelvin L. Cobaris, the Impact Church of Orlando, Florida.  I want to thank you, and I echo the sentiments of all of the colleagues that have already spoken for your work as it relates to prison reform.  And I definitely thank you for your commitment to partnering with the faith-based community.”






darrell hines

“Mr. President, my name is Bishop Darrell Hines, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I pastor the Christian Faith Fellowship Church of God in Christ.  And I serve on the general board of the Church of God in Christ, where we have a five-point, faith-based initiative for inner city reform.  And, of course, prison is one of them. And so I appreciate, first of all, being invited to the table.  It’s an interesting thing because I was watching news — I watch news all the time.  And I saw you on the news — this was just last week.  And I said, “You know, I would love to go and have him hear me.”  But I said, “I don’t know how that’s possible.  I don’t know anybody who I think — who knows him. And then I get the call from — I don’t want to call him “Coconut” — but I get it from Marvin, Jr.  He calls me and he says, “Listen, I want you to go with me to the White House.”trumps meeting with inner city pastors





“Thank you, Mr. President.  My name is Bill Owens, founder and the president of the Coalition of African American Pastors.  I’m honored to be here with you today.  We’ve met several times.  Thank you, Dr. Scott, for the invitation — and Paula White — to be here.  And we are with you 100 percent.”I’m with Bishop Hines and the Church of God in Christ.  We are all in it together.  So we will work together to make the difference.”



Pastor Darrell Scott-  45’s water boy (lolTrumps meeting with inner city pastors

“Pastor Darrell Scott.  I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with then-candidate, now President Trump, and to observe him behind the scenes and have a number of personal conversations with him.

And people ask me why do I defend him so vociferously.  And I say it’s easy for me to do it because I know him, and he’s shown me his heart, and I know he has a heart for all Americans.

And I will say this: This administration has taken a lot of people by surprise.  And it’s going to surprise you guys even more, because this is probably the most proactive administration regarding urban America and the faith-based community in my lifetime.  And I’ll be 60 years old in December.

But when I think back on — well, I mean, I use good hair dye.  (Laughter.)  And I’ve got a great makeup artist.

But, to be honest, this is probably going to be the — and I’m going to say this at this table — the most pro-black President that we’ve had in our lifetime because — and I try to, you know, analyze the people that I encounter.  This President actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and our ethnic community.

The last President didn’t feel like he had to.  He felt like he didn’t have to prove it.  He got a pass.  This President is — this administration is probably going to be more proactive regarding urban revitalization and prison reform than any President in your lifetime.

If we work together, give him a chance.  Don’t pay any attention to these guys back here.  (Laughs.)  And I’ll promise you, we will do something that — we will — this administration will continue to make history.  It’s going to be a lot of positive changes.  Great things are on the horizon, I promise.”

This remark is not even worth me taking the time to address it is just that ignorant!


dale bronnerNow, let’s shine some light on Rev. Dale Bronner–Atlanta, GA:

” Mr. President, I’m Bishop Dale Bronner from Atlanta, the senior pastor and founder of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral.  And I’m from the business world.  My father planted a business in the hair cosmetic manufacturing business — 1947.


BISHOP BRONNER:  And so we’ve been doing business there in Atlanta for all of these years and employing people.  So thank you so much.  I love the stimulation that I see in the economy now.  It is the best that it has been in so many, many years and I’m so deeply, deeply grateful for all the prison reform initiatives that I see underway — that is exciting and enthralling to me — as well as the urban initiatives that will help minority communities around this country.  Thank you so much for your boldness and your courage to do — to make great things happen.  And you’re making them happen.”



Trumps meeting with inner city pastors

I’m Bishop Harry Jackson from right here in the D.C. area.  First of all, I really feel called to pray for you.  And the year before you — as you ran, I felt that burden; I felt that feeling that you were going to win.  And I’m so very thankful, as he said, that you’re so open.

Criminal justice reform is so critical because it prevents many African Americans and Hispanics from becoming a permanent underclass.

And I think the opportunities-owned concepts that you’re working with are critical because it brings green power.  We really don’t need black power unless you got some green power working with that black power.  (Laughter.)  It brings green power to our urban areas.  So I believe we can break the generational curse of poverty and people who are isolated, and it’s because of your boldness.

And despite all that’s been coming against you, you’ve stood your ground and you’ve been a champion.  God bless you, sir.”

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Thank you, Harry.  Appreciate it.”


And what is with Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King who had this to say in her opening remarks:

“I’m so blessed and honored to be here and to be able to pray right here in the White House.  And the most recent thing I’ve noticed that you’ve done — you’ve done so many things that were great.  Everybody expects me to talk about the life and the babies, and I could do that.”

notice I said niece, they knew not to call Bernice King to the table cause she would have had something to day for REal For Real. In fact Bernice King (the actual decendant of Martin Luther King Jr. had this to say about the meeting:


Thank God some Pastors who were not at the table are condemning the actions of the pastoral leaders who accepted the invite and did nothing, Pastor Jamal Bryant had this to say:

“We are in a dark, dismal and difficult time when basketball players and rappers have more moral authority than preachers,” he said.

Bryant continued to condemn the pastors for not using their seat at the table to make a difference.

Bryant then quoted scripture and scolded the pastors saying “He (God) said, ‘I prepare a table for you in the presence of my enemies’ All these preachers that went. God provided the table and you just walked away with a photo op. And you walked away with nothing.”






I am not even going to waste my time speaking about how John Gray closed the meeting by telling the president, “my prayer is that you will continue to have wisdom and insight to lead this nation.”

Continue to have wisdom and insight, really, Pastor Gray, Really!


It’s not my place to tell you how to choose as your Shepard, but I can tell you this, if your pastor is on this list,  you may want to take a closer look at what King he/she is truly representing because the King I read about ALWAYS went to the table with an agenda baby and would have used his 1 to 2 mins. to share with 45 in front of the news media what God really had on their hearts.  And while I have respected in the past many on this list, this week, they have all lost my respect, not because they accepted the invite, but they failed to prepare themselves with an agenda to speak Truth to Power in love, of course, chile!

Don’t believe me, read the White House transcripts here