Toya Graham goes New York


Baltimore Mom, Toya Graham who was caught on tape giving her son some Mother’s love, as only a Mother can when their chile gets beside themself, took some heat with critics saying she was conducting chld abuse. Honey if that is child abuse than I don’t know what child abuse is.

Clearly these people have no idea the world Toya and Michael live in and therefore should not even try to throw thier expert opinions around unless they are ready to come live on their street with their kids and dog for about 30 days. Chile Pleeze!

Anyway, I was elated to hear that Toya and Michael were treated to a visit inNew York City, appearing on the CBS morning show and the View and even got a phone call from Oprah who gave Toya a thumbs up!

As far as Michael, he came a long way from that hoody and mask he was wearing during his beat down!

It’s one thing for the media to call you mother of the year — but the so-called “Baltimore Riots mom” got an even better stamp of approval … from Oprah Winfrey.
We just talked to Toya Graham and her son, Michael Singleton, in NYC … where she’s become a media darling for her now famous public shaming — and butt-whupping — of her son when he attempted to join rioters in Baltimore this week.
Toya told us about all the cool people she’s met in person since the run-in — but explained why the phone call from Oprah topped them all. She also revealed what big O had to say about her parenting skills.
Best of all … Toya tells us exactly what kind of punishment Michael’s getting at home.
Lesson learned … we guarantee.