Tina Campbell and hubby Taking their Testimony on the Road

Tina Campbell and Hubby are back!!!

Tina Campbell and hubby Teddy  marriage definitely appears to be on the mend.  Allegedly,  the couple is planning a “Night of Transparency and Transformation”.  Back in June the couple held their inaugural event at local church in California that included music, drama and testimony by both Tina and Teddy as their shared all the phases they went through as they both fought to salvage their marriage.

A few years ago after Teddy admitted to having multiple affairs, Tina shared:

“I had to put my faith to work by using my God-given authority and calling on the mighty name of Jesus until the devil had no choice but to leave,” said Tina in a video highlight reel of the event. “see above”

For a time, fits of rage overtook her, filling her with thoughts of homicide and suicide.

According to Tina, it was a combination of prayer, communication, counseling and time that led the couple to where they are today.

“The old life is gone. A new life has begun,” continued Tina in the video, explaining the effects of the transformational work God has completed in her marriage.

Soon, that newfound happiness, joy and freedom will be on display in multiple cities across the nation

At the time of this writing the tour schedule has not been posted, but it is being reported that this show will be coming to your town soon!