Tim Kaine loves the Black Church


Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine can put his money where is his mouth is when it comes to race relations as he has been a member of an integrated church mostly black for over 30 years.

According to NBC News Tim Kaine’s wife, Anne, found St. Elizabeth’s Roman Catholic Church in the summer of 1984 and they have been members ever since.

The church is located in what can be described as a poor working class neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia. Tim Kaine advised that the couple was married there, and that has been their neighborhood and has been the center of the lives. In fact, the couple returned to the church Sunday following the public announcement of his nomination as Vice President.

Mrs. Kaine addressed the congregation noting: “Tim, and I found our way to his parish 32 years ago almost by accident,” she said, then thanked the congregation for the prayers and promised that “we will all have a big party at the end no matter what happens.”

I am loving this couple already chile, The senator, also serves as a tenor in the choir and sang the gospel hymn that titled “Taste and See” for the congregation.