Black Churches struggles during Recession

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Since the onset of the recession, my church as well as many other houses of worship both mega and small have experienced a rocky ride. While many congregants are struggling to remain in their homes, black churches are struggling to provide heat and light in their Sanctuary on Sunday mornings.

Did you know that the average light bill for a 30,000 sq. foot building is more than $20,000 per month and the cost of preparing the weekly bulletin, that by the way, I know you throw away as soon as you get home, cost several hundred dollars per week to produce.

The cost to run a church is tough especially if you are depending on tihes and offerings from folks who use to be employed and are now receiving unemployment. While church memberships are increasing during these difficult times, tithing is taking a serious dip, especially in the Black church, according to the NNPA News Service. Even Pastor Jakes, who oversees the 30,000 member Potter’s House in Dallas, admits to having to lay off almost 40 people from the church’s staff. In fact, mega churches across the country are having to cut back on the number of worship services they are providing and discontinued printing the church bulletin all together. Now, you get the church news on the projector screen or from the Sunday night street committee.

Now that I have enlightened you on the financial health of the black church, the next time you are in church don’t just pass the basket yall, put what you have in the offering plate even if it is change (and the usher rolls her eyes at you). And, if you really, seriously, can’t put anything in the offering plate at least help, as my Daddy use to say, “keep the man” out of your pastor’s pocket and turn off the lights when you leave the restroom and most of all save that bulletin, use it for scrap paper or something.

After all yall, we are in a recession!

Until next time, be blessed
Church Lady

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