The Preachers are Here, or are They?


The Preachers Are here and Chile they are a mess!!!

The Preachers, hosted by John Gray, Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church, Houston; Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr, Sr. Pastor at the House of Hope Atlanta and Macon; Orrick Quick, Pastor of God Seekers Church in High Point; and the infamous Dr. Jamal Bryant, Pastor, Empowerment Temple in Baltimore debuted with impressive ratings.

The Preachers has given a green light on a three-week preview Summer run on a few of Fox TV Stations; it seems to be doing well in all the southern markets but having some trouble in the Philadelphia and LA market.  (I wonder why)

Now the show is supposed to offer a cup of daily inspiration, but I find the show to be a male version of The View and the Talk.  The only thing that resembles faith to me is in the beginning when they pray before going onstage like movie stars.

Except naming the show “The Preachers,”  I like the show and here is why?

The four men are amusing and entertaining.  Their chemistry is great, and the content they are providing is relevant to what’s  Really going on in our community, so yall know that is right down my alley.

What I love most about the show is that these men are giving us women some real “man code” intell.

Now let us talk about what I do not like about the show:

  1.  Naming the show “Preachers” does not fit, I think, what the show is really about.  I do not like the fact that these talented men are using the title of Preachers to further their entertainment careers.  They are not providing spiritual guidance from God on this show; they are providing entertainment.  This is extremely problematic for me because when they decided to use the name “Preachers” they placed themselves in a position to be representative of the category of Men and Women “Preachers.”  Here is the problem, most “Preachers”  would never allow themselves to be considered an entertainer rather than a Sheperd.

I’ll give you a great example of the problem this show is causing for most “Preachers”/Pastors.

On the Second show, Pastor Jamal Bryant and his colleagues had prayer noted, how the show was making history, let the world know that they wanted to show the human side of “Preachers.”  Finally, they all gave a big shout out to their churches making sure their flock knew they would be in the pulpit on Sunday.

Pastor Gray and Dr. Jamal Bryant then invited their special guests Oscar-winning actress and radio personality Mo’Nique and her husband Sydney to the couch to discuss their controversial open marriage.

Ok, I was cool with all of that, cause I wanted to understand the rationale behind that arrangement but here was the big kicker for me in this segment.

As Mo’Nique was discussing the rationale behind their arrangement, Dr. Jamal Bryant blurts out, ” I was in an  Open Marriage my ex-wife just did not know it.”  Now we all know by now the back story about Dr. Jamal Bryant, and I am sure this was a way for him to show the human side of himself and that we are all flawed. I get it!

The problem was, at that moment the audience and all the co-host laughed and thought that was hilarious.  At that moment they weren’t representing “Preachers”  they were representing the flesh.

And that is my problem with relating this show to Preachers.

Now if you want to have a “Man Talk,” “View” or “Real” Show that’s fine, call it that, Man Talk or Man View or “Man Real.”

Why may you ask?  It conflicts with a lot of what you will get in the pulpit and preach against on Sunday mornings.

Now I love all of yall, and I am a big fan of the show.  I will be watching it everyday and praying for it to make it all the way.  But Jamal you asked us to write what we thought we believe you all should change, where here are my two cents:

1. Rename it,  because you are not representative of  “Preachers” you are representing yourselves who just happen to be preachers, it makes a difference to the world.

2. Axe the Choir-Again it conflicts with the content of the show, and they look corny.

Now that I gave yall my two cents, when are you gonna invite a Church Lady on the show? (Lol)