The Churchlady’s Take on Frank E. and Deborah Ray Saga

"The Church Lady of the"

The saga surrounding the marriage and divorce of Pastor Frank E. Ray, Senior Pastor of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church makes one have to laugh to keep from crying.

For those of you not familiar with the story.  Rev. Frank E. Ray divorced his first wife to marry his then  mistress, Deborah,  an alleged former stripper in 2004.  The wedding  some say,  including Rev.  Frank E. Ray, was an embarrassment to the faith community to say the least, with one  of the biggest highlights being that all  the brides maids were decked out in leather:

The Churchlady's Take on Frank E. and Deborah Ray Saga

According to Blogger Thaddeus Matthews:

 “In his complaint for divorce Ray claims that the reason he wants out of the marriage that caught national attention when the wedding party wore leather in the summer time is because his wife became upset over the fact he removed her as the head of the women’s ministry. He states that after her removal she swore that if it was the last thing she did she would destroy him and the church. he goes on to state that on December 4,20ll Deborah Ray brought her two sisters, nieces and nephews which was approximately 13 persons to the church where a brawl took place. But sources close to the church state that the fight started over the fact that Pastor Ray was now dating and sexing another “Good Sister” in the church.”
Rays states that he is of high profile in the church community and that his wife’s actions has damaged his reputation and ability to work and preach as he has in the past. As a result Ray is seeking and injunction to keep his wife from coming to church, and from contacting him or acting in any manner against him or the church.
The “Man of God” is asking the court to give him the rights to all the jointly owned property, giving him the title as a form of alimony. The millionaire preacher is also asking that not only does his wife give up claim to the million dollar mansion which he owned prior to the marriage, but also her home located at 4977 W.Old Farm Road which she owned prior to the marriage.”

Then earlier this week, I reported that  Deborah Ray claimed that the good Rev. attempted to run her over in a Bentley that the both share, Chile Pleeze! This is some real  life preacher wife drama for real!

My take on this subject is, Rev. Frank E. Ray needs to repent for his sinful behavior and the leadership of his church should have enough faith and courage in God to ask him to get somewhere and sit down until he does in fact, get his self together.

How in the world could Rev. Frank E. Ray truly believe that this marriage would last a lifetime as it was not of God in the first place.  Rev. Frank E. Ray was wrong to marry this woman, period.  So, I am baffled that he would file for a divorce and seek to destroy this woman as if he is a victim in all of this.

CLB family, please keep in mind that shepherds are human and we should not treat them as if they are God.  We have to stop condoning the bad behavior of preachers/pastors who are acting in an ungodly manner and hold them accountable for their actions.