The Church Lady’s Take on Why People Leave the Church

"church Exit Sign"
The Church Lady's Take on Why People Leave the Church

Here are the top ten reasons LifeWay Research found why people are leaving  the Church:

[tabs titles=”Tab One”][tab]1. The church was not helping me to develop spiritually. (28%)
2. I did not feel engaged or involved in meaningful church work (20%)
3. Church members were judgmental of others (18%)
4. pastor was not a good preacher (16%)
5. Too many changes (16%)
6. Members seemed hypocritical (15%)
7. Church didn’t seem to be a place where God was at work (14%)
8. Church was run by a clique that discouraged involvement (14%)
9. Pastor was judgmental of others (14%)
10. Pastor seemed hypocritical (13%)[/tab][/tabs]

Now here is the Church Lady’s take on the top ten reasons why people are leaving the  megachurch:



1.  The Pastor pisses them or someone in their family off

2. The  Pastor gets involved in a church scandal over money or sex and it goes public (It’s ok if only the church knows about it)

3.  No where to park/sit

4.  Lack of Christian Leadership

5.  Can’t ever get an appointment to see the Pastor

6.  The Church refuses to help them when they are in a financial crisis

7. They did not get picked to serve as an officer/leader of the church

8. The Pastor always seems to be begging for money

9. The music changed and/or their choir was eliminated from the worship service program

10.  The Holy Spirit told them to move

Did I miss any?