The Church Lady’s Take on Paula White Take Over of New Destiny Christian Center

"The Church Lady"

For the past few weeks we have watched the drama unfold of Paula White’s take over of New Destiny Christian Center.  To understand how a pastor of one church (Without Walls-Central)  could bamboozele New Destiny Christian Center’s Leadership is just mind-boggling to me.

Initially, Paula White claimed that the late Zachery Tims was her spiritual son and she felt obligated to assist the church thru its transition into new leadership by becoming its interim pastor, however we all now know that was simply not the case.  In fact we now know a lot more than we did a few days after the death of  Pastor Zachery Tims in August, 2011.

The picture is a lot clearer for us especially after learning that Paula White literally  abandoned her Without Walls Central location in August, 2011, leaving  a historic landmark in shambles, allegedly, a few days after the death of Pastor Zachery Tims.  We also learned that Without Walls was in severe financial trouble which I believe gave Paula clear motivation to seek a pastorate position at New Destiny Christian Center.

The Pastoral Search Committee appeared to change the script early on, first announcing that they were seeking  a married couple then selecting a recently divorced single woman.  (alledgely Paula White engaged in an affair with Benny Hinn)

My take on the Paula White takeover is that she manipulated NDCC leadership board and seized the opportunity to become the church’s pastor instead of using the anointing God bestowed upon her to lead Pastor Tims sheep until the pastoral  search process was complete and a Shepherd called by the people for the people. If she were being led by the spirit of God she would have cared enough about His sheep that when many became irate and starting protesting against her, step aside and let the pastoral search process continue.

I questioned early on the fact that Paula White  had positioned herself as the interim pastor and a member of the pastoral search committee.  How can you focus on healing the grieving members and worry about who the next pastor is going to be as well?? It was always my understanding that the interim pastor’s role was to care for the sheep and the pastoral search committee’s role was to seek a new pastor.

Bishop I.V. Hillard was correct in everything he said in his video and I admire him for stepping away from this ungodly act.  The manner by why which Paula White coerced this congregation into being its new leader is shameful to say the least.  If Paula White wanted to be the Pastor, she should have recused herself from the Search committee and as interim pastor  letting the Bishops of Counsel and NDCC pastoral search committee do its job of interviewing her as a candidate.

However, I can’t put all the blame on Pastor Paula White.  the members of the Body of Christ of NDCC are also to blame.  The institutional church is an organization that is comprised of officers who make critical decisions  regarding the life of the church.  When we  fail to attend the church meetings and vote on qualified candidates with the skill, spirit and passion of CHRIST, to handle the business of church, we have these problems going on in the Church.

Paula White did not appoint herself, a board voted.  Paula White did not have the power to reject Riva Tims  consideration for returning, for it  was  the Board who reminded Riva Tims that she did not have grounds to file suit.  I wonder how many people on that voting board were also founding members that remember when Riva and Zach started in a small room. Often we want to oust the boardwhen in crisis, unfortunately, it’s too late then!

When situtations like this arise it always teaches us a lesson.  I think the lesson learned here is  the next time there is a church meeting and we are asked to vote a member on the trustee or deacon board, we should ask ourselves,  are they competent to do the job we are asking of them and are they filled with the passion of CHRIST who many times said and made decisions that upset the Govenors and made those in power have to step back and allow the will of God to prevail!