The Church Lady’s Take on Pastor Paula White Breaking her silence

After reading the post on Paula White breaking her silence, I wondered why does it have to take a mass media scandal for pastors to reveal to their sheep when they are experiencing trials and tribulations. Is it because pastors seem to think that sheep place their pastor on a pedastal and see them as God-like and in turn the pastor is pressured to create a false self that gives Sheep the impression that they are not experiencing some of the same trials and tribulations that their sheep endure on a daily basis?

Yes, what Paula White experienced during the past decadee was unbelieveable, to say the least, however, we never knew of many of these trials during the time by which she was going through the storm. Why? Do pastors really think that their sheep are that shallow that they would leave their Shepard if they knew they were having tax problems, or their children were on drugs, having pre-marital sex or just plain gone crazy? Do they really believe that their staff don’t see what’s going on in their lives? Believe me when I tell you, they do, they are just too scared to tell or advise the pastor for fear of losing their jobs? And finally, do pastors place some many different compartments in thier lives that they begin to create many false selves of themself, thereby allowing them to lose who they really are as a person?

I believe that the answer to all of the above is yes. I have watched pastors, create many false selves for the sake of “what will people think of me” Well, truth be told, while they are so busy trying to hide who they really are and what’s really going on, people already know, they just don’t say anything for fear they will lose favor in their pastor’s eye if they are a member and their job if the are a staff person.

A prime example is the Bishop Eddie Long scandal, his sheep, staff and many in is close circle knew of these accusations for years, yet everyone turned the other cheeck, and when the lawsuits start flowing, everybody stood in silence (for now anyway, wait until book offers start matriculating).

Its ironic to me that pastors are quick to use the line, “I am human just like you” only once the “jig” of whatever it is they are doing is up! Yes, it was bad what Paula went thru, however, trials come in everyone’s life and Christians do not have a problem calling on their Shepard to help them thru their trials and tribulations and would expect their Shepard to do he same. If Sheep can trust their Shepard with their inner most thoughts, secrets, tirals and tribulations, why is it so hard for Shepard to trust their master deciples? Now I am not talking about “Crazy Jane” who sits on the front row acting a fool every Sunday, but I am referring to their head deacon, trustee, chief of staff or somebody who they know will not tell them what they want to hear but rather give them the real deal and then help them get the help they need! In fact, Pastor’s are often intimidated by these types of people and often alienate them thereby causing further destruction to themeselves and thier ministry.

Paula mentions the article, “[Bishop] Randy, Pastor Paula, give me a word, marry me, bury me, pay these bills, prophesy. Why aren’t you doing this? Why isn’t it like it used to be? We don’t like the music. We leaving the church because you didn’t know our names and you didn’t come have lasagna with us,” , mimicking the demands and criticisms she was met with.

Uhh, excuse me, but isn’t that what a pastor is called to do, Maybe and I am just saying maybe, if you focused on doing those pastoral duties instead of flying around to every continent on earth engaging in women’s ministry conferences, you could have avoided some of those trials.

And by the way, those same people wanting to her to have Lasagna with them, or attend their children’s weddings and graduations are the same people who could have helped her through her decade of misery. If as a Pastor she was focused on empowering her sheep, I would think that there should be a few who she could have called on to help her through her storm. So, my take on this situation is: “Pastors, wake up! Its not that deep, your Sheep know that you are not God and will respect and support you even more more when you reveal your true self to them.” After all, do you really think if Paula White had shared half her troubles with her congregation, they would continue to bother her with Lasagna dinners, I don’t think so!
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