the Church Lady’s Take On: Craig Davis (HIV Pastor), Paul Morton and Steven B. Hall

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"The Church Lady"

"Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop Steven B. Hall and Craig l Davis

For the past week, we have all read about Craig Davis, an alleged married pastor residing in Atlanta who was arrested for spreading the HIV virus  to women in the black church and whose wife  just so happened to be an executive assistant of a  prominent Bishop in the Atlanta area.

In my original post, I did not make mention of the several pastors that Mr. Davis appears to have bamboozled over the years out of respect for their ministry and the fact that I did not see the case being a personal attack against them or their churches at all.

As I was writing the post, I was praying that some of the pastors mentioned may take an opportunity to use their pulpits and national platform presence  to increase the need for the black church to step to the plate with regard to HIV/AIDS cases in the African-American Community.

Surely I thought to myself, one in particular who would be all  over this  and maybe organize and initiate a national  HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention platform because of his vast influence and  passion for his people.

That, thus far, has not happened. In fact, two pastors mentioned took to twitter one to debunk the blogger who broke the story.

Here’s what sparked the fire:

One of the alleged victims of the case, Ms. Ronita McAfee, wrote an E-mail and gave an explicit and transparent interview to one of  the most controversial bloggers in the church community, Mr. William McCray.

In her interview, Ms. McAfee mentioned names of a few  Metro Atlanta Churches that Mr. Davis had visited/joined in attempt to keep feeding his what appears to be,  sexual addiction.

Allegedly, during  Ms. McAfees  interview  and E-mail exchange with Mr. McCray,  Ms. McAfee made references to a few pastors including Bishop Paul Morton and  his church as well as her affiliation with  Bishop Steven Hall’s church as a former leader until she was  asked to resign.

After a social media frenzy erupted, Bishop Morton took to twitter to defend his church and his executive assistant:

"Bishop Paul Morton Tweets about Craig Davis"

And Steven B. Hall,  the State Bishop Of Georgia for the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship and  former pastor of Ronita McAfee and Craig Davis,  also issued a twitter statement:


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Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)
8/29/12 7:58 PM
Greetings Twitter Family!

Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)
8/29/12 7:59 PM
I generally don’t make statements regarding ongoing criminal investigations but, recent publicity surrounding a former member requires one.


Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)
8/29/12 7:59 PM
I generally don’t make statements regarding ongoing criminal investigations but, recent publicity surrounding a former member requires one.

Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)

8/29/12 8:00 PM
Craig Davis WAS a member of Rhema, as he has been part of several other local ministries. He has not been a member of Rhema for some time.

Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)

8/29/12 8:01 PM
Prior to the present revelations, I was not aware of any question concerning Mr. Davis’ HIV status.

Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)

8/29/12 8:04 PM
I was never presented with reason to discuss Mr. Davis’ status, nor have I ever had a personal conversation with him regarding it.

Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)

8/29/12 8:05 PM
Further, none of the conduct alleged was in any way connected to the work of the Rhema Church or the furtherance of any ministry activity.

Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)

8/29/12 8:06 PM
Most importantly, I am shocked and saddened by the allegations against Mr. Davis, and my heart and prayers go out to all involved.

Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)

8/29/12 8:07 PM
I pray that this painful and public situation is resolved in the best interests of justice and for the betterment of all affected.

Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)

8/29/12 8:08 PM
Please join me in that prayer.
Stephen B Hall (@BishopSBHall)
8/29/12 7:58 PM
Greetings Twitter Family!


Ok, now that you have all the background and updates, let me give y’all my take on all of this:

I can understand why the two Bishops would be upset to have their churches mentioned by the media in this church scandal, but let’s be real,  it is just that, a church scandal and the people involved happened to, at one time,  affiliated in some way with your churches!

Realizing such, I would think that you would really consider the importance in the matter by which you choose to handle the scandal as once its put out there you can’t take it back and  the whole world is waiting and watching to see what the leaders of these houses will do now that pandora’s box has been opened and cannot be closed.

Chile somebody please tell me,  how in the world those two statements above would make sense to say and be relevant at a time such as this?

It is  well-known and documented  that the black church has done little or nothing to address the HIV/AIDS issues within the African-American Community, this is not the time, Bishops, to  just be kicking people out the church and defending whether or not they were ever under your pastoral care or ministerial leadership.

This is a time for you to LEAD, take this opportunity to address the issue of HIV/AIDS within the black church, because Pastors, it is REAL, as you both very well should know now that it has hit your church homes.

I ask that you please take this opportunity to make this test of your church,  your church’s  testimony.

Bishop Morton, help the wife of Craig Davis seek the counseling she will need to get through this and then you and Bishop Hall go out and  be  beacons of light in this devastating situation. You have a national platform Bishop Morton, use it,  as  our women, children and grand parents are dying needlessly!

If not you then who?

Finally Bishops, please stop acting like Rock Stars  trying to protect your fan base reaching out to your followers.  People do not expect their pastors to act like a rock star during a time of crisis.  They expect you to provide them with pastoral counseling, spiritual healing  and a sense of direction.

Bishops, Stars take to twitter in a crisis to vent and argue, Pastors take to GOD in crisis via twitter!

So I ask  Bishops that you take the high road and not fight the messenger on  twiter-ville,  as we the sheep,  have too much respect for the both of you to see that happen.

And CLB family,  please know that we should not point  fingers at any one particular church as this predator appears to have been a church hopper and used THE CHURCH, any church,  as a feeding ground to prey on vulnerable women.

Does that mean that Full Gospel Bible Fellowship is a bad organization, or in some way Bishop Morton or Bishop Hall are responsible for Craig Davis And Ronita McAfee’s bad behavior, no, it does not!

These Shepherds have many sheep and are not responsible for the choices they ultimately make in their lives, so I do think it is unjust  for us to place any  blame on either Bishop with regard to the actions of these two people.

Yes I am calling out Ms. McAfee as well, because once again, Let’s Keep it Real,  Ms. McAfee had an affair with a married man and there are consequences behind that, point-blank period!

Let this be a lesson to many women in the church who will do ANYTHING to enjoy a piece of what they perceive as power, DON’T EVEN TRY IT!  Now if and  when you get in a  vulnerable situation, just remember the victim who allegedly was celibate for 15 years, that drank Craig Davis’ KoolAid and now is HIV positve.

And for the sisters who are engaged in the business of sleeping around unprotected, WAKE UP!   Why? because quiet as it kept CLB family, this happens every day in the church,  we just don’t hear about it because  Not too many people have the courage to come forward after all, we are Christians you know!

That being said, these ungodly acts speaks volumes to the state by which people are utilizing the black church today.  We have foregone for the opportunity to use this sacred space as a  place of worship, forgiveness, deliverance, spiritual healing  and guidance.

In fact this case proves that the black church, not Paul Morton’s church or Bishop Hall’s church, The BLACK CHURCH as a whole has become a feeding ground where anything goes, as long as we do any and everything to avoid a public scandal.

And if and  when  the day should ever come that Pandora’s box is opened, everybody knows the rules,

1.  Don’t ask, Don’t Tell

2. You ain’ heard this from me, but

3.  run for cover.

And that’s all I have to say about this!

Mr. McCray did offer a response to the Tweet messages click here to read.




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