The Church Lady’s Take on: Bishop Jonathan Alvarado and Shaun King’s Child Molestation Allegations

"The Church Lady"

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"The Church Lady"
keeping you abreast of what’s going on in the Church, now Everybody say Amen!

Earlier this week, a news article was posted In the News detailing the fact that The DeKalb County district attorney’s office is now investigating the claims made by Pastor Shaun King that Bishop Jonathan Alvarado may have had inappropriate contact with underage children. As reported by FOX 5 out of Atlanta, there is now an active criminal investigation under way by persecutors which noted that while this was not a formal investigatin, they have begun questioning a number of people affiliated to Total Grace Christian Center.

When I first learned of this story, my first reaction was, not again! I then began to immediately reflect on the recent scandal involving the Catholic Church, Paul Morton’s Greater St. Stephens and most recent Eddie Long. came enraged and finally just plain old sad. As I began to conduct research for this chronicle the one thing I noticed is that in all cases noted above, there was a very strong desire to “protect the pastor, bishop, priest, whatever” but what about the victims and the members of the flock that these clergymen are serving.

My take on this subject matter is not to judge whether these men are innocent or guilty, my take is simply this: If they have placed themselves in any type of vulnerable situation that could appear to be inappropriate, lay all the cards on the table especially if it is made public. Why, because it is not just about them its also about their families and their congregants. hundreds and in some cases, thousands of souls are affected and will need to be healed by these scandals.

The Catholic church has paid out more than 2 billion dollars in settlements, Greater Saint Stephens all but rolled the Phillip Britton incident under it’s carpet, Bishop Eddie Long appears to be in settlement talks and still moving forward with his ministry, and yet it appears thus far, that Bishop Alvarado’s case will be handled similar to that of the Greater St. Stephens Castrophe of 1999, cash in some favors and just let it quietely go away.

Clearly there is a problem in the church with regard to sex and it is not just homosexuality! Some pastors are showcasing their wife and their woman and everybody in the church knows it, yet the church at large continues to turn the other cheek. The Pastors are embarrased for a moment, have to rebuild ministries, yet what about the sheep that were affected? Some, leave the church all together, victims of these sexual acts are scarred for life, and the members that reamin faithful to the flock are constantly living with a shadow of doubt.

My question to you is: “What do you think Jesus would do?” Do you think Jesus would not address the issue of clergymen having sex with young boys if he were here and witnessed it? Do you think Jesus would wait until it became a big scandal and the story breaks on CNN, only to try to capitalize off the situation (not saying at all that I think Shaun King is trying to cash in, but I will get to him in a moment)? And most important, do you think that Jesus would let these clergymen fall by the wayside and be stoned to death by you and I.

My take on all these questions is: H**l No! Jesus would deal with them, one on one, offer them ways by which he could help them and then throw that Free Will card on them. At the same time, Jesus would tell all of us, “Touch not my annointing…” I got this! If we could only have enough faith to act on that saying: “What Would Jesus Do?”

As for Shaun King, I don’t know if he attempted to help Bishop Alvarado only for the Bishop not to accept it and use his Free Will Card and in doing so we are all now witnessing how Jesus is dealing with Bishop One on One. I am not even sure if there is a backstory to Sahun’s reasoning for speaking out, but, it took great courage to do what Shaun King did as a clergymen. For sure he will lose some preaching engagements, colleagues, and maybe even members, but I believe he did what he thought Jesus would do! This story made me say to myself, what would I do if I were in his same situation?

What would you do? leave a comment so we can talk about it chile!

Until next time,
The Church Lady

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