The Church Lady’s Take on: Bishop Eddie Long Scandal

I fully believe in innocent until proven guilty and for this reason, I refrained from providing a personal opinion regarding Bishop Eddie Long’s sexual misconduct allegations, the famous spandex photos and last but not least, the David vs. Goliath speech.

Now, after being confirmed that the Bishop Eddie Long case settled and receiving many e-mails asking my take on this, I feel it is just time to speak my mind.

My take is simply this: Eddie Long was correct in saying last September that he was not a perfect man and he has every right to feel the need to defend himself against unjust allegations of sexual or otherwise misconduct at that time, I thought that the media sensationalized the story to the point that he was proven guilty and convicted in the court of public opinion even before he set one foot in the court room. Hence, I think the treatment of Eddie Long at the onsite of this investigation by the media was unjust and wrong. A man is innocent until proven guilty, period!

All that being said, initially, I was very proud of Eddie Long, I thought he showed great courage when making his David verses Goliath speech and I wanted to believe with all my heart that he was innocent of these charges. I wanted to stay the course with him.

Then as the spandex photos and excerpts from the deposition started floating throughout cyperspace, I began to question, “could this be true?” Still, because I admired this man’s ministry so much, I wanted to still believe that it wasn’t so. I kept saying to myself when I perused those photos, “Say it aint So!”

However, yesterday, was my awakening. I was no longer drinking the Kool-Aid. Though I still love and respect Bishop Long as my brother in Christ, I have to be real with myself and my readers, SOMETHING IS WRONG!

While I still believe that we should not and cannot convict Eddie Long guilty as charged because it has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

However, what has been proven without a reasonable doubt is that Bishop Eddie Long did Not do what he stood in the pulpit and declared he woud do. He did not act in the same manner by which David did when he was faced with Goliath, not only did he not throw five stones, he did not even pick up and throw one stone!

More than likely, we won’t ever know his side of the story. And, yes we heard from his accusers, in fact, we heard so much from them that it makes you wonder was it justice they were seeking or a big pay off!

Let’s just be real, the accusers came out the gate making so much noise with huge press conferences and TV intereviews on every channel. Yet, where are they today, quiet as four little church mice right now. Makes you wonder, was it really ever about getting Bishop Long de throwned and away from the church or was it all about getting paid! Yes america SOMETHING IS WRONG with this picture too!

In closing I just like to say that I don’t know if the allegations are true or not and I realize that I won’t ever know the truth, but I do know this, his accusers had something that prevented him from defending himself and as a man of God called to shepherd sheep, Bishop Long must be willing to live with the fact that SOMETHNG VERY WRONG HAPPENED!

Maybe in his quest to be a positive role model, bad decisions were made or initially good intentions, compromised. Whatever the case, if it is his intention to move forward with ministry, I pray that these matters are addressed in the future.

I also know that I do not intend to judge anyone for that is up to God, I will continue to pray for all parties involved and trust that the healing process will begin.