The Church Lady’s Take on Creflo Dollar’s message to New Birth Members regarding Bishop Eddie Long

Creflo Dollar’s remarks about support of Bishop Eddie Long and lecturing alleged members of New birth to go back has furthered supported some christians belief that many mega church preachers are simply narcissistic opportunists filled with self adoration and dangerous pride.

I know those words seem a little harsh, however, when you watch a video tape of a Shepherd who leads a flock of more than 20,000 Christians and hosts thousands of visiting Christians per week, take the time during a Sunday Morning Worship Service to say this:

“When you have a wreck, you expect God to forgive you and everybody else. Don’t let the preacher have a wreck now. Then you become self-righteous and judgmental, and you gon’ leave him for his wreck when you done had more wrecks.”

Dollar further added that Long was still “anointed to do what he was called to do” and began berating New Birth members, saying, “I just can’t believe that people would leave their preacher ’cause he had a wreck, instead of praying for him.” He also claimed that Long “had insurance, and Jesus paid the premium.” Oh really, Creflo Dollar, really!

While I admire Creflo Dollar for standing by “His Friend,” Creflo Dollar gave total disregard to the sheep who came to THE LORDS house. I really don’t think that God gave Creflo Dollar, the authority over those visitors to push them away.

Question to Creflo, ” Is that something you think Jesus Would do?”

And please, let us not forget that this sad situation is not just about Eddie Long, this is also about a flock of God’s people who are also, “paying for it”, spiritually, physically and more than likely, financially.

Thousands of people are trying to deal with how this one indiscretion has caused (in Bishop’s Dollar’s words,) “a wreck” in their personal lives.

Me and, clearly thousands of other saints out here, are enraged about your arrogant, non pastoral demeanor from the pulpit and total disregard of the disciples of Christ who for whatever reason felt the desire and need to go to World Changers to be fed and instead were made to feel unwelcome, berated and basically told to go back to where they came from.

I can just imagine how those people felt, I am sure many will not want to step foot in anybody’s church again.

Excuse me but our jobs as ministers of the gospel is to bring folk to Christ not turn them away because “you worried about them turning on you or you trying to help your friend!”

My Take on this on this hot topic of the week is ” Stand UP Men and Women of God” Stand Up! I am so proud of Roland Martin, Sherri Shepherd and I admire Creflo Dollar,too, for standing up for his friend. but, to berate the people of God for coming into HIS House was inappropriate to say the least. Creflo Dollar crossed the line in my eyes and made this a Creflo message and not the Lord’s message.

Get mad with me if you want, Preachers, World Changers members and others who I am sure will load the comments section with negative comments. I’ll do my best to respond!

Yall all know how the Church Lady Rolls, it’s all about keeping it Real.

Until next week,
Be Blessed Chile!
The Church Lady

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