The Church Lady’s Take on Phylicia Rashad Turn Up

the-church-lady-phylicia-rashad viagra dosage online viagra dosage sample resume objective statements for warehouse go prednisone during pregnancy get link Doctors For Low Dose Naltrexone Australia no online pharmacy prescription required viagra how do you feel about writing essays levitra silver gate writing descriptive essay click business writing services see onlinepharmacywithoutprescription gre text completion practice questions with answers how to write career objective for mba viagra structure help writing research paper do my homework for money enter site source persuasive essay peer editing form enter go to link microeconomics paper topics copy writing services enter America’s beloved Mom, Phylicia Rashad (Claire Huxtable), took a stand for her TV hubby, Bill Cosby, in defense of the many sexual allegations being made.  It appears to me that Pylicia Rashad, Jill Scott, Keisha Knight Pulliam and I all have the same sentiments, while we were not there and don’t know what transpired between Bill Cosby and the alleged victims, we all believe with the strongest conviction that a man is innocent until proven guilty, point, blank, and period!
Now while everybody who believes as these women and I have been respecting those women who believe that they were sexually assaulted and allowing their voices to be heard, the minute one speaks of their experience with Bill Cosby or I write in defense of the fact that our justice system demand that all men be treated equal, all hell breaks loose on tv shows and the internet! Now what’s up with that, America?

Why is it when women voice their opinion in support of an allegedly innocent man until proven guilty, including being sexually assaulted we are traitors. we are bi–hes, we are just reprehensible!

when Phylicia Rashad mentioned her experiences and what she thought was being done to a man’s legacy based on allegations,   everybody wants to turn deaf ears to all his accomplishments, his good deeds to mankind, and on top of that disregard the context of  the real issues of her statement.


1.  Why is it that this story appears to be one that  wont die, every time it does more women appear?  (IJS)

2.  Have you noticed that Prince Andrew alleged rape of an UNDER-AGE child got swept under the carpet with the media?
Do you even know what that story is  about, Really?  Is the world calling for Prince Andrew to be stripped of all his legacy, locked up and the key thrown away? More important, I don’t hear nobody calling the queen’s statement reprehensible???

3. Would you agree that  there is a very strong contrast as to the way Bill Cosby Scandal is being reported  by US Media Outlets compared to the way  the way Prince Andrew Scandal is being reported?

Come on family, you know the Church Lady has got to keep it real!!!

My take on Phylicia Rashad’s statement is this:

“I applaud Phylicia Rashad and Keisha Knight Pulliam for turning up for their TV DAd, not because he may or may not be guilty, but for following the alleged justice system and acknowledging that ALL men should be treated EQUAL until PROVEN guilty.”

And since the media wants to plead its case in the court of public opinion, I would consider both Phylicia Rashad, Camille Cosby, daughter Cosby (sorry I forgot her name I’ll come back and fill it in later chile) and Keisha Knight Pulliam as character witness’ and what better class of women to speak to a man’s character than those above. 

So, all  that being said before you all go writing nasty comments,  remember my  rules cause I am not going to be too many more b—ches on my own blog chile!

Now before I rest my case on this matter, Here is the story as reported by New York Daily News:

Actress Phylicia Rashad took center stage in the Bill Cosby sex scandal Wednesday after defending her onscreen hubby in her first media interview.

“What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated,” Phylicia Rashad reportedly told Showbiz411 columnist Roger Friedman when asked about Cosby at a Manhattan luncheon for the new movie “Selma.”

“I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy. And it’s a legacy that is so important to the culture,” said the 66-year-old actress who portrayed beloved lawyer/mom Clair Huxtable on eight seasons of “The Cosby Show.”

Rashad said Wednesday night that another comment attributed to her — “Forget these women” — was a misquote.

“What I said is this is not about the women … this is about the obliteration of a legacy,” she told ABC News. “I am a woman. I would never say such a thing.”

The 66-year-old actress, who played flinty lawyer and sometime Cosby comedic foil Clair Huxtable for eight seasons, was firm in her defense of her former co-star, telling Showbiz reporter Roger Friedman, “I love him.”

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