Church Lady’s Take on Christian Racist Blog “An Elegant Life by Jennifer”


Racist comments made by Jennifer Mayers went too far this time on “An Elegant Life by Jennifer.”

Now yall know that it is not often that I use my blog to go off on anybody, but  Louisiana Christian blogger, Jennifer Mayers ( An elegant Life by Jennifer) has gone too far with her racist rants and raves about African Americans.

I let her racist blog post about the Texas Mom, who murdered her two daughters on her husband’s birthday, allegedly because they were dating black men slide.

However, her post on July 4th “Happy Birthday (White) America, where she was bashing African Americans and devaluing our contributions to this nation, just has to be addressed.

Before I do that, I want to post her entire post here for you as a point of reference before I read her butt!


Source: (July 4, 2016 An Elegant Life by Jennifer)

 by Jennifer Mayers-Happy Birthday (White) America!



Hello dear friends, fans, supporters, and even you non-supporters.  First and foremost I apologize for my few days of silence as far as this blog goes.  The comments from my previous blogs has been pretty constant with abuse as well as my Twitter notifications.

Instead of dwelling in that hatred, I spent the long holiday weekend with my best girl friend. My heart is full of love and gratitude to have someone so special in my life.  Other than my husband, she is my rock. A shoulder to lean on.

As we were watching fireworks the other night with the rest of my family, I couldn’t help but notice the large number of black families there to “celebrate” America. I could only ponder why they are so thankful.  Probably because America affords them the opportunity NOT to have a job?  NOT to work for a living? NOT to support your own family as it was intended to be. No, they were celebrating the “handout” lifestyle in America no doubt.

The Democrats have ruined this country and spoiled the minds of minorities into thinking that you don’t HAVE to physically do anything in America because the government will be there to bail you out every time.  Free food, free insurance, free housing if need be.  It’s quite disgusting, friends.

I know that MY family always had to work for a living.  My husband works very hard to provide for us, and always has. We are a strong Christian family who contributes to society and it saddens my heart to see the black leeches feel entitled to have the same lifestyle as I do. You didn’t earn it.  You haven’t done anything but lie and deceive your local government into filling up your pockets.  To this I say, enough!

President Trump will fix this problem in America and it will save millions of dollars. Fraudulent claims on welfare and unemployment must be stopped.  We can no longer bow down to these blacks their “GOTCHA!” way of life.

Today is America’s birthday.  I stand strong and call for a rebirth of the GREAT America that we once were.  I implore you all to embrace President’s Trump mantra…

“Make America Great Again”

We certainly can. One less black welfare claim at a time. TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

May you all have a blessed 4th with your friends and families.  I cherish you all greatly and welcome any and all comments. Good or bad.  Inspiriting thoughts of any kind is my goad.”

My Take on Happy Birthday “White America.”

  1.  Jennifer, you claim to be a Christian from Louisiana that “devotes every breath to God,” yet, your tongue is sharp, and your spirit filled with judgment, hypocrisy and apparently hate for your fellow man.
  2. Jennifer, you wonder why black families are thankful, well let me help you understand without a doubt why we are not only thankful but grateful!

Black Families are thankful because, in spite of slavery, segregation,  racism, institutionalized incarcerations, plagiarism, and political favoritism, ” We are still here,” making America the great country that it is.  Let us not forget, my fellow Christian blogger, that it was minorities that made America Great in the first place.  Nearly every invention that was created in  America was created by a man or woman of color, in fact, I believe that when the Europeans landed it was people of color there to greet them. (native Indian, Powerhatten) Come on now, Jennifer, let’s keep it Real.

It is by the favor and grace of God that we-African Americans have every right to be thankful, we have paid the price dearly to be called an American and share fireworks shows alongside your family.

And since you want to talk about strong Christian families, I am sure you think the Texas Mom, who you so eloquently praised for killing her two daughters, was also a great contributor to society before ruining her entire family’s life by killing them dead in the suburban middle-class neighborhood.

As far as welfare and unemployment, the last time I checked “Blacks” as you prefer to refer to African American’s, are not the only race benefiting from the government.  In fact, when a lot of these programs were initiated under FDR’s administration, it appears that White Americans who benefited the most, and that practice continues today,  check me on this if I am wrong boo!Racist-Jennifer-Mayers




Now let’s talk about Donald Trump and making America Great Again. America was Great when Europeans landed here; that’s why they stayed, BOOM!

Don’t get it twisted Christian Colleague; it was because of the blood sweat and tears of Indians, Slaves, Coloreds, Blacks, African Americans-(or whatever you want to classify our people next), Latinos, Asians and last but surely not least, Europeans, America became Greater!

Bottom line  Jennifer Mayers, America can never be great without African Americans, Latinos, Asians and any other person of color, America is Great because America is a melting pot of all ethnicities.  Don’t believe me, take an ancestry test, you might even find a little “black” in you.

Like my Mama always said to me Jennifer–“Don’t go throwing no stones and you live in a glass house.”

And while you are running around touting Mr. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” put on your list to implore Mr. Trump to make sure we get our 40 acres and a mule.

Respond if you want to, Chile!

PS: Readers, I usually do not ask you to share, but I think it is important that our voices be heard loud and definite on this matter, especially during this election season, so please share and post your comments at the bottom of this page.


Update:  Alton Sterling becomes Jenifer Mayers Latest Victim