The Church Lady is BACK!

"The Church Lady"
"The Church Lady"


And,  I can’t thank you enough for the love and support offered to me over the past few days.

As most of  the  CLB family knows from my panic mode comments and tweets  made,  I first thought that the devil got hold to me and hacked my website, but then I realized that my site was actually on overload due to the massive response from the post I wrote,  My Take on Craig Davis, (HIV Pastor)Paul Morton and Steven Hall  on the same day.

My site actually crashed due to the traffic, well I guess that is a good thing but, Chile, now a sister got to get a crash course on all this website technical stuff, who would have thought?  But, God is good because The Church Lady is back up and running again.

Well The Church Lady has learned a lot over the past few days and while it has been an exhausting experience, I do want to thank my fellow blogger collaborators, Facebook fans, twitter followers and online media outlets that reposted, retweeted and shared the post.

I  learned that the social network media platform is POWERFUL! and I learned that  I definitely got to step up my game.  So over the next few weeks, I will be making some back door changes  with the website to help take it to the next level.

So, please bear with me when  you visit over the next few days if  the site is acting a little weird at the time of your visit.

Know now,  that it is intentional and it’s not me being  trifling and not taking care of business over here, Chile Pleeze,  The Church Lady is just getting started.

Peace and blessings and thank you all once again,

Love You Chile!

The Church Lady