The Church Lady Blogs Exclusive Interview with Marla Gibbs (Hattie) of Madea’s Witness Protection

"marla Gibbs as Hatti in Madea's Witness Protection"
"Marla Gibbs portraying Hattie in Madea's Witness Protection

Tyler Perry’s new movie,  Madea’s Witness Protection  opens in theaters nationwide on June 29, 2012 and the Church Lady Blogs staff was giving the wonderful opportunity to interview one of its cast members, Marla Gibbs.   We  must say that Marla was a pleasure to interview and is just as witty as the famous characters she has played over the years.

While probably best known for her role was as “Florence” on the popular television show, “The Jeffersons”, What many readers may not know is that   MARLA GIBBS’s (Hattie) career started when she joined PASLA (Performing Arts Society of Los Angeles) with her daughter, Angela, and studied at the Mafundi Institute and Watts Writers Workshop.  She later joined the Zodiac Theatre and performed in several well received productions including “Madea,” “Amen Corner” and “The Gingerbread Lady.”

Marla has an extensive resume with roles in television shows as well as feature films.  Marla has released a CD on her label Forever 30 Records entitled “It’s Never Too Late” featuring some original songs written by her as well as several classic jazz hits.  Marla is an eight time NAACP Image Award winner, five time Emmy® nominee, Golden Globe® nominee, eight time Family TV award winner, Essence Woman of the Year, Frances William’s Women in Theatre West Award winner, Special Black Emmy Nominee honoree, Winner of two CEBA Awards, and a host of national and local honors.  In 2000, Marla received a Best Supporting Actress award from The Southern California Method Fest.

She captivated us as she gave us a sneak peek into Madea’s Witness Protection and  her role as the nosy neighbor (Hattie), working on set with Tyler Perry and her take on what the movie is really trying to convey:

By: CLB staff 6/25/2012
CLB staff:  Tell us a little bit about the character you are portraying:

Marla: My character, Hattie, is the nosey neighbor  in  Madea’s Witness Protection. I  want to find out what exactly is going on in Madea’s  House. You see Hattie is a member of neighborhood watch and she knows that Madea and Joe are hiding something and she wants to get to the bottom of it so she can make her report .

CLB staff: What do you feel is the main point of the movie,  Madea’s Witness Protection?

Marla: Appreciating one’s family

“The Family in the movie is disjointed and being in witness protection brings them together again”

CLB staff: What is like working on set with Tyler Perry?

Marla: My main scenes were interacting with Madea and Joe, but I  enjoyed working with  all the cast members

Tyler Perry was very Fun on set  portraying both  Madea and Joe.  He is  quick on his feet and allows a lot of improv on set which, is great practice as an actress/actor.  Mostly, Tyler  is an ?easy director to work with and he is very kind.

CLB Staff:  Why we should we go see Madea’s Witness Protection?

Marla: “Anyone who wants to have fun should see this movie. God wants us to have joy and this movie is joyful
His wants us to enjoy ourselves and We can learn lessons in joy and laughter just like in pain or trials similar to content a little laughter mixed in with truth and trials.”

Thank you so much Marla Gibbs for taking the time to speak to family and giving us a shout out.  It is really appreciated!

We pray that Madea’s Witness Protection has a  very successful box office weekend.  CLB family you know that even though prayer changes things, we need y’all to go to see the movie THIS Weekend, lets keep making noise in the movie making business to help keep our brothers and sisters employed!