The Catholic Church Sex Scandals continue


Catholic Church Sex Scandals continue to plague the Church!

If you recall when the news first broke about Pope Benedict resigning I said (hmmm!) Now its all coming to light, it appears that Catholic Church sex scandals just won’t go away.
According to the NY Daily News, Pope Benedict’s resignation is being linked to a 300 page report he received the day he made his decision to retire.

Allegegedly, A 300-page dossier compiled by three cardinals investigating the theft of Vatican documents was reportedly given to the Pope the day he decided to resign. The investigation is said to have uncovered a number of factions within the Vatican of gay men who have engaged in sexual activity with male prostitutes and at organized sex romps.

The probe uncovered a number of factions within the Vatican, including one whose members were “united by sexual orientation,” La Repubblica reported, citing passages from the report.

Members of the gay lobby included high-ranking Catholic clergy who organized sex romps at a Rome sauna, a suburban Rome villa and a beauty parlor, according to the report. The group was also known to meet at a university residence used by an Italian archbishop.

Quoting a high-placed Vatican source, La Repubblica revealed members of the gay faction were being subjected to “external influence” or blackmail, from laymen with whom they had relationships of a “worldly nature.”
Male prostitutes — who had pictures of the priests dressed in drag and others performing gay sex acts — were behind the extortion, The Daily Beast reported.

“Everything revolves around the nonobservance of the Sixth and Seventh Commandments,” a source close to the cardinals who prepared the report told La Repubblica.

The Sixth Commandment instructs: “Thou shall not commit adultery” and under Catholic doctrine also forbids homosexuality. The Seventh Commandment declares stealing to be a sin.

The report, which comes in two volumes bound in red covers, is being kept in a safe at the papal apartments. It is to be delivered to the next Pope once he is elected.

I pray when the next Pope is elected he will deal with the catholic church sex scandals once and for all.


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