Thaddeus Matthews Vs. Pastor Frederick Smith


Thaddeus Matthews is coming after Pastor Frederick Smith of New Life Holiness Church in Memphis, TN hard.  Matthews is alleging that he tried to give Pastor Smith a break after a story broke that  of  serious charges alleged homosexual actions of pastor Frederick Smith with  young men and making public that  sources close to the gay community stating that there is a secret society of homosexual pastors that prey on young boys and have wild sex parties.

On his face book page, Thaddeus Matthews noted:

“Pastor Frederick Smith has been telling people that he was carjacked and beaten up but the police report from that night shows that he did not get his nose and leg broke but only received minor abrasions.

The incident took place on August 17th when he says that at 9:30 at night he was looking at a apartment that he was thinking of moving in when Hezekiah Webb came up Behind him with no weapon and attacked him. I will let you read the report for yourself .

By the way I spoke with Webb on the show tonight who stated that he was walking down Poplar when Smith gulled up in his shiny Porsche offering him a job and after a short conversation they went over to Harbor town where Webb stated on air that Smith put him in a bear hug wanting some sexual favors and he fought him off. I taped the conversation on my phone but can’t figure out how to put it on Facebook , and it was juicy too.”

thaddeus matthews-frederick-smith



Police arrested 22 year old Hezekiah Webb who admitted to the incident. Smith refused to press any charges against Webb. Webb now alleges the scuffle took place because Smith attempted to get sex from him.

Its not clear whether Smith is still operating as pastor of the church.

Thaddeus is not the only one sounding off the alarm, his facebook page is filled with messages from Pastor Frederick Smith’s church sounding off:



I have been watching your show about Pastor Freddrick Smith. I am a member New Life Holliness Church and I can not sit back and stay silent no longer. Pastor Freddick Smith has alot of demons in his closet and one day he will have to answer to God for all he has done. He is no saint and the Cogic church should see the true man he is.

I feeel as if you need to leave his family and kids out of this situation because unfortunately they had no clue he was this shadey. He has a newphew my the name of Brian Burns that is serving time in prison because of Freddrick. He was having this young man steal laptops, TV, and any other electronics from the campus of Unniversity of Memphis. The sad part is that everyone in the church was buying these high dollars items and giving them as Christmas present to love ones. Unfortunately, the church has a lawyer that represented him and he got 7-14 years in prison on a first offense. ( usually unlikely)

Also, Pastor Smith was going around to family members getting pain killers to sale. He was first telling them it was because his tooth was hurting but then once they founded out he had his newphew tell them it was to help raise money for the lawyer. If you ever notice the Pastor’s eyes are always glossy if you ask him he will tell you its from his allergies. He is right its from him smoking to many herbal’s causing him alleries.

I know I shouldnt say these things but I am sick and tired of the things this man has done to folks. He pertrays himself as a saint from god and he can save you. I wouldnt want this man to pray for me less on be in my presence. If you read the good word its states that the devil walks among us and in my opinion he is satan in a human form. I pray that god will have mercy on his soul and hopefully he can be delivered from his evil actions.”

Rumor has it that the COGIC church may be taken steps to remove Smith from their denomination.

Thaddeus has made such strong statements and videos  regarding this situation that many are too explicit and graphic to share on this blog.  For more details, videos and to follow this story in depth, tune into the Thatddeus Matthews  internet radio show or follow his facebook page here