Thaddeus Matthews vs Frank Ray: It’s on!

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A Local Memphis broadcaster who first broke the Frank E. Ray Church Scandal stories, Thaddeus Matthews,  has been served  a restraining order by the Pastor who can’t seem to stay away from Real pastor wives drama.

Allegedly the restraining order was filed as a result of Thaddeus reporting on Rev. Frank E. Ray’s latest church scandal involving a member of the church and her two daughters.  However, Thaddeus has been following and reporting Rev. Frank E. Ray’s many alleged abuses of power within the church for over two years.

Starting with his alleged  Pastors Wives Drama  and his attempt to allegedly  run over one of his former wives with his vehicle.

Back in 2012 I gave you my take on pastor Frank E. Ray but clearly I need to update that too.

As mentioned previously, though I am not a therapist I do believe that something is just not right  with Pastor Frank E. Ray and all the drama that surrounds him constantly.   What is most disturbing to me is the fact that after two years of church scandals the church has not asked Frank E. Ray  to sit down until he can get himself together.

Why do we keep enabling Pastors to lead a flock when they have clearly displayed that they are not mentally stable to do so?

After all, Pastors are human just like you and I and are employees of the church are they not?

Now let me ask you this, if you were acting up and causing all this negative commotion on your job do you think your boss would not make you get somewhere and get some help before returning to work?

I’ll post more of my take on him a little later, but if you have not already watched the video above, do check out  I must warn you that the language used is EXTREMELY explicit  and should NOT be viewed by Children.

What’s your take on all of this???




According to the heated video response from Thaddeus Matthews, Pastor Frank E. Ray has filed a Protective Restraining Order against him and a lawsuit for broadcasting the details of a sex scandal involving one of Pastor Ray’s former church members, and her teenage daughters.

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