Stray Bullets just missed Pastor and drummer during During New Year’€™s Eve Service

POM - Juniper Level Missionary Baptist Church

Source: Melissa Wade / Melissa Wade

Stray Bullets were flying all around on New Years Eve even in Church, Chile.

Chile can you imagine being at church for a New Year’€™s Eve celebration and a stray bullet coming through the roof.  Well it happened on New Year’s Eve at  The Ramp Church in Fort Worth, TX.

According to Fox 4, the bullet went through the metal roof then fell onto the stage where the pastor was.

Pastor Evan Risher said, Only by God’s grace, the bullet split between the drummer and himself.

During the middle of the sermon, Pastor Risher picked up the bullet and showed it to his congregation. Thankfully no one was injured by it.

He said,”I am] not going to lie to you. I was pretty scared. I tried to hold it together for the sake of the congregants that came last night. To shoot carelessly in the air like that with lives at state.”

It was reported that there were  off-duty officers as well as others around protecting the church at the time of the incident. The police are still investigating the situation and mentioned that thy received a lot of calls about gun fire in the area that evening.

Lastly, Pastor Risher said, “This church or churches anywhere are trying to be a safe place to bring in the New Year in good spirits. For someone to be careless and not consider the lives of others, it’s just, you know, sad.”

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