Stevie Wonder Sets Baby Record Straight

Stevie Wonder set the record straight on the View regarding the rumor that he was having Triplets with his girlfriend Tomeeka robyn Bracy.  Stevie 64 and Tomeeka, 40 are actually having one child due in December.

He went on to say, “Rumors spread, and like I said in the song ‘Superstition’: When you believe in things you don’t understand, you suffer.”

Alright now, Stevie Wonder, I am glad to hear that you are only having one child and not three, after all you already have eight ranging from 1 to I think almost 40.  Now Stevie may can’t see but he sure came from good stock when it comes to making babies chile!

Congratulations Stevie on baby number 10 (including Tomeeka’s son) and best of luck on your new tour “Songs in the Key of Life” coming to a city near you this winter.