Steve Harvey gets Emotional with T.D. Jakes


Steve Harvey knows first hand the favor of God!

Steve Harvey gave an emotional testimony to Bishop T.D. Jakes new host of BET”s new “Mind Body & Soul” for a one on one interview sharing how grateful he was to God and the church for everything God has done for him.

Steve Harvey struggled hard to hold back the teals discussing how he had nowhere to go and that he actually had to sleep in his 1976 Ford Tempo, and shower in hotel bathrooms for a period of three years and that he was actually homeless.

He shared that he is humbled by all the experiences and blessings God has bestowed upon him and knows without a doubt that it was all HIM (check out the video above)


Steve Harvey is the host of Family Fued as well as has one of the most popular daytime television shows, a successful author, “Think Like a Man act like a Lady” and a giver, mamy often refer to Steve Harvey as the up and coming male Oprah.

May God continue to shine and bless you Steve Harvey!