Church Counseling could not stop FL. man from stabbing wife


Church Counseling with a deacon could not stop Jeanwell Napolean  from allegedly stabbing his wife.  No Andrea Dallemand the couples deacon at their church had just finished a counseling session with the couple and was driving away from the home when he heard violent screams coming from the house.

According to news reports, Jeanwell Napolean and his wife have been married for 19 years and sought counseling with their church deacon to help save their marriage.

Andrea Dallemand, reported to Fox News that when he left the couple’s house they had hugged, exchanging “I Love you” to one another, but as soon as he was leaving the driveway he heard a loud scream from the home and when he stopped his car and went inside,  he found Napolean’s wife laying on the floor with her blouse filled with blood stains.

He said he exchanged glances with Jeanwell Napolean who then had the knife pointed towards his own chest as if he was going to stab himself.

their  daughter was also in the room at the time, managed to talk her dad into putting down the knife. The 50-year-old man bonded out of jail and is reportedly seeking psychiatric help at a mental health facility.

The victim was treated at a local hospital and released.  She allegedly asked Dallemand to change the locks of her home and is now fearful of her husband.

And rightfully so chile! Please keep this family in your prayers, especially the daughter.



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