Kendrick Brothers Does it Again Releasing the Captivating Movie, “Show Me The Father!”

The Kendrick Brothers are known for bringing the most impactful faith-based movies to the big screen and their upcoming release of “Show Me The Father!” competes with them all!

I had the pleasure of pre-screening this fabulous film recently and it really made me dig deep to help me understand the relationship I shared with my own father.  While I have enjoyed all of the Kendrick Brothers movie releases, this by far is my favorite.

Scheduled to release publicly in theaters on September 10, 2021, I wanted to make sure y’all were aware of this sleeping giant of a movie as Christian movies a lot of times get lost in all the competition.

Check out the trailer above and if you want to avoid long lines, you can get tickets early here.

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Again, you will not be disappointed in watching this film.