Salem Baptist Church Sex Scandal

Salem Baptist Church Pastor, Rev. Hosea Stubblefield is in hot water after being caught creating sex tapes and having them publicly displayed to his congregation.

Many members of his church are calling for his resignation and want him out. Of course, the Pastor admits to creating the sex tapes but is accusing the woman who released the information of attempting to black mail him.

Allegedly, This all came about after a Houston woman, who said she once dated the 32-year-old divorced pastor, posted three sex videos of Rev. Stubblefield with various women on her blog.

The head Deacon and Trustee of the church Craig Davis said:

We’ve actually seen the video and verified it is Stubblefied with members of the congregation, but the video is too explicit to show.

“Disgusting, I trusted and believed. I had been working with him for over a year before he became our pastor,” Davis said. “I was sitting in different pastor sermons and it was just disgusting knowing I was betrayed.”

Davis says he told the pastor to leave earlier this month but he refused. Davis says last Sunday Stubblefield admitted to making the videos in front of the congregation but he said it was two years ago.

Lecobeun Lewis is also a member of the church. He says he will never return to the church until the pastor has been removed.

While he is trying to keep his pastorate in tact, his defense is that he was not the Pastor at Salem Baptist Missionary Church during the time he was making the tapes.

When asked why, he said it was a matter of preference at the time, chile plezze!