Robin Roberts and Sister Sally Ann show the world the Power of Love as they Place the Protection of God Prayer into Action (video)

"Good Morning America Talk Show Host Robin Robers and Sister Sally Ann"

America’s favorite morning talk show host, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America, said her see you later and I’ll be back today on Good Morning America as she embarks on yet another health journey, this time battling MDS, myelodysplastic syndrome, on Monday, but not before showing the world along with her big sister Sally Ann who is her bone marrow donor, the power of love and what it means to place the Power of Protection Prayer into action.

Robin was originally scheduled to leave on Friday, but advised her Mom’s health issues are at a point where she and sister Sally will travel immediately  to New Orleans to visit with their Mom prior to Robins treatment next week.

In her absence, Robin will have a host of A-List journalist holding her seat for her including Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, kelly Rippa and yes even the queen of daytime Oprah Winfrey.

Clearly Robin Roberts big Sister Sally Ann ain’t trying to lose her baby sister,  and showing the world just what it looks like and means to step up to the plate for a loved one.

What was so touching to me was the interview that she and her sister Sally Ann did when Sally Ann told her to stay focused on the healing, they spoke of their mother teaching them the power of protection prayer and Sally Ann singing We Need Thee.  As I watech Robin and Sister Sally Ann today on Good Morning America,  I knew without a doubt these women were going to be alright because they know, 1:  Prayer Changes things and 2.  As they said they have faith, family and friends.

In a real tear jerker (for me anyway) temporary farewell,  Robin Roberts shared a favorite quote with viewers:

“‘Life provides losses and heartbreak for all of us. But the greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning.’ I am determined not to miss that meaning.”

She signed off by stating emphatically, I will Be Back!
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We are claiming that victory for you and because The Church Lady Blogs readers believe in the power of prayer, we gonna be praying for you and watching Good morning America to keep those ratings up for you everyday!


CLB family can we make that commitment to Robin?

Even if you don’t watch Good morning America record it on your DVR (or whatever you call it chile, yall know what I am talking about, that thing that lets you record a program while you are away.



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