Ri -Ri made sure she gets her some Jesus before leaving Italy

"Rhianna in Italy"
 Ri -Ri  made sure she gets her some Jesus before leaving Italy


Rihanna always seems to get so much negative press so it is nice to finally see something positive surrounding this young woman.

also pleased to know that she believes in Jesus and not Satan, we got to keep praying CLB family cause temptation in her career field is HIGH!


By:  Christine Thomasos , Christian Post

Rihanna, 24-year-old chart-topping Barbadian singer, made sure to visit a statue of Jesus Christ before ending her two-week chartered yacht trip around Europe.

The Barbadian pop star visited Portofino, Italy recently where she went on a snorkeling trip to visit the bronze statue representing Jesus called “Christ of the Abyss.” Rihanna recently re-tweeted her friend’s account of the visit on the social networking website.

“Saw the underwater Jesus statue today it actually got buried 58 years ago today,” a friend of Rihanna’s tweeted in a message that was re-tweeted on the pop star’s personal page.

Rihanna didn’t write anything specifically about the statue, but she did seem to tap into her spiritual side on the social networking website.

“Dolly I feel you here,” the singer tweeted days after the trip in reference to her dead grandmother who passed away recently.

The singer also re-tweeted a message about giving thanks to God on Monday.

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“Happy Monday,” the message from one of the singers over 23 million followers read. “Have you thanked God? If not it’s not too late!”

A few days later, Rihanna retweeted Christian minister Joyce Meyer’s message about trusting God.

“One of the most wonderful gifts we can give others is stability,” Rihanna re-tweeted. “It’s a sign of choosing to trust God.”

Last month, the record-breaking Barbadian singer used her Twitter account to spread Meyer’s teachings.

“If Satan can defeat you in your thoughts then he can defeat you anywhere else as well,” reads a message written by Meyer and re-tweeted by Rihanna on June 4.

To underline her point, the singer sent a tweet to Meyer directly.

“@JoyceMeyer you’re awesome,” Rihanna told the minister via Twitter the following day.

While the singer seems to be tapping into her spiritual side, she is leading the most recently released MTV VMA nominations with five, alongside frequent collaborator rapper Drake