RHOA: RIP Ms. Sharon


Ms. Sharon, the mother of Todd Tucker, husband of RHOA star Kandi Burrus, passed away after suffering a stroke. Allegedly, when Todd arrived in New York his mom was unconscious and later slipped into a coma.

Todd posted the above photo on social media and a note:

“Today I lost my partner, my ride or die my best friend! I don’t know what to do? I’m lost! My heart hurts so much! She was a fighter, a warrior for her son! It was me and her against the world! She’s in a better place!! Mom I love you to death! Rest in peace!”

TMZ reported earlier today that Moma Joyce allegedly regrets having made what was found to be false allegations that Todd’s mother was a prostitute and regrets not patching things up with her before she died.

They are also reporting that she said she will not attend the funeral because she does not want to upset the family and wants to have a better relatiohship with Todd.

She just ought too, don’t you think?  cause she acting like a straight up fool on that show, she is too old to be acting like that, Chile, Pleeze!

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