Rev. James Nash: On David and Bridget Montgomery’s Tax Fraud and Mega Churches Greed

"Rev. James Nash , Bishop and Lady Bridget Montgomery"
"Rev. James Nash , Bishop and Lady Bridget Montgomery"

Rev. James Nash on David and Bridget Montgomery’s Tax Fraud case and Pastors desire to build Mega Churches

Many people know Rev. James Nash as the outspoken member of Ministers Against Crime in Houston and his extensive community outreach for the homeless orchestrated at his local church Greater St. Paul Missionary Baptistin Houston, Texas. Now he is speaking out about  his discontent for Pastors who aspire to build mega churches as if God will not dwell  inside a small house of worship.

Rev. James is referring to the case of Bishop David A. and First Lady Bridget Montgomery of Restoration Temple Church of God in Christ located in North Houston.

the Montgomery’s were indicted and convicted on tax fraud charges by the federal government recently arising out of the couple removing approximately $600,000 revenue from their construction company and depositing it into church accounts allegedly attempting to avoid paying taxes on the monies.

With so many tax evasion cases coming up against religious leaders and houses of worship, this case will surely raise more eyebrows regarding churches and their IRS 501-C 3 tax exempt status.

Rev. James Nash, who has been in his modest church located in Southeast, Houston says,

[tabs titles=”Tab One”][tab]”Now somebody is gonna be hurt by this; other ministers are going to be hurt and they gonna say all of them doing it and that’s wrong”[/tab][/tabs]

Nash also stated that the need for bigger houses of worship (mega churches)  is part of the problem and leads to greed for many Men of the Cloth. Finally Nash says that the conviction of Bishop and Lady Montgomery will hurt more than their immediate family, it will also hurt the supporters and followers.

Check out the details surrounding the conviction of the Montgomery’s below:

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Pastor David and Bridget Montgomery were sentenced to 41 months in Federal Prison for Tax Fraud.  Full story here