Red Wolves on the Prowl at Paula White’s Church?


Chile the Red wolves are on the prowl at Paula White’s New Destiny, yes the one she stole after the untimely death of Pastor Zachery Tims!

allegedly the church is being vandalized by red wolves, here is the scoop but I wonder what this really means???:

Paula White Church “Destiny Christian Center” Vandalized by Wolves

The Orlando Destiny Christian Center pastored by Paula White has had a slew of visitors recently: a pack of red wolves that frequent the church grounds nightly. The wolves were first spotted last month by a night watchman who stated,

“At first they seemed skiddish as they pranced around the parking lot under the light of the pre-dawn moon. However, after a couple weeks the wolves cozied right up to the walls of the church and slept there for a few hours each night. I didn’t think much of it until they began urinating all over the building. It was then that I realized something needed to be done about the foul situation.”

As Florida Department of Wildlife officials decide what is the best course of action to take concerning the pack, scientists are debating why the wolves left the forests and began frequenting that specific location.

Mark Todd, a biologist and member of Marathon, Florida Vineyard Church, thinks he knows the reason: “The vociferous and continuous howling of Paula White in her pulpit at Destiny Christian Center has summoned the red wolf pack right to her. Just this Sunday she stood in her pulpit and repeated shrillly, “Hoooowww will I
buy replace my 2013 Lexus with the 2015 model unless you congregants sow your seeds into my ministry? Hoooowww will I remain in the celebrity Christian spotlight unless you congregants send me your firstfruit offerings?”

For now, the red wolves have been allowed to continue their nightly prowls at the church. Scientists are using the opportunity to study their behavior and learn more about the fascinating canines. Today when Ms. White was asked for a comment concerning the red wolves, she simply smiled and stated, “They’re beautiful creatures, and I don’t mind them at my church at all.” With that, she left town in her jet to attend a preyer meeting in Beverly Hills with Todd Koontz and Benny Hinn.

Left with the clean-up are church members and staff; so far they remain in denial about the stink and unhealthy conditions left by the wolf pack. One church member even stated to reporters,

“They aren’t wolves; they’re just cute red dogs. We love ‘um here at Destiny Christian Center. We just love ‘um to death!”