Reality TV Star arrested




It appears that one Thicker than Water Reality TV Sar is  “skating on thin Ice” with the Law !

Brooklyn Tankard, the daughter of Ben and Jewel Tankard, was arrested for not sending her daughter to school.  After being stopped for a minor traffic violation the police found that the Murfreesboro City School system had previously filed a warrant for her arrest on traunacy charges for 16 unexcused absences and 35 unexcused late arrivals.

Now that is just trifling, point blank, period.  Get up off your butt and send your child to school!

Then she had the nerve to post on her Instagram the following day:

“Success is not doing everything you WANT to do WHEN you want to do it.  Not Sucess is SACRIFICING…”

And yall already know my answer to that, CHILE PLEEZE!

 EEW magazine is reporting:

According to a report by one Deputy Scott Parker, Tankard was also booked on charges of driving with a
revoked license and having no proof of insurance in her automobile.

Known as “Queen Brooklyn” on the family’s controversial reality show that was slammed by viewers for being
over the top, ignorant, and far too vain for a faith-based program, she admits to having made plenty of
mistakes in the past. The show often highlighted her efforts to get her life on track, despite poor decision
making skills.

On Feb. 16, Mrs. Tankard posted a photograph of herself and her daughter who would be arrested days later
on Instagram with the caption, “Brook & I hangin on our new debt free airplane.Jesus brings all dreams 2 pass.
U got next! #girlboss”