The Real Donald Trump

Donald Trump-Bully

The Real Donald Trump finally went too far, although that is typical for a person that appears to share the characteristics of a narcissistic personality disorder. Many Americans can’t figure out how we got to this point.  How in the world could the RNC allow a person of this nature to hijack their organization and platform?

More importantly, how in the world could the RNC continue to support this candidate publicly.

Well, I did some research and found that people with characteristics like that which I have been watching Donald Trump display over the past 18 months are credited for being master manipulators and use people as pawns.

Narcissistic and Socia-Paths often are incredibly charismatic and prey on individuals who often have a desire to move to a higher level in their lives or careers or desire to be in a position of power.

When a person connects themselves to these types of individuals, they unknowingly,  believe that individual can help them achieve their goals, only to find out in the end that not only will that person NOT assist them achieve anything, they will undoubtedly play a significant role in trying to destroy them in the end.  Why, you may ask,  because people often wake up and see that person for who he or she really is, a fake.

Many individuals with severe personality disorders such as narcissim, social paths, and physio-social paths, simply care about themselves, in fact many are in love with their own image, their whole world is about them and nobody else , but deep down inside these people are insecure and don’t feel good about themselves at all.  So, they create images of who they want people to perceive them to be.  As long as you play their game and go along with the many fake scams they create, you will be fine and get to keep riding on the coat-tails, but the minute you wake up and find out that this person is not all there mentally or emotionally, its OVER!  They will go on the attack and try to discredit and even destroy you because you know their real secret, “they are not the great I AM” and without the support of their PAWNS they will crumble and fall.

Which brings me back to the point of how did we get in this position?Well, it is my perception that Donald Trump saw, and opportunity with the Extreme Right Wing used them as PAWNS and campaigned in a primary causing a division within the RNC.

Even though the RNC they had their reservations about  Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and the RNC, feeling hijacked I am sure, threw their full support around this unqualified candidate.    Move forward 18 months later he is now discrediting and trying to destroy Paul Ryan the Republican Party, and you know what he is doing a pretty good job at it, because many are still too scared to abandon ship, thus, the party will go down with Donald Trump in the end.

It is a crying shame!