Randy White, Paula’s EX: Back at Without Walls Church in Lakeland and Tampa Florida

"Randy and Paula White"

Well, its not official, Randy White sent an E-mail message to the Without Walls International Church Congregation that he will serve as overseer of the congregation (what does that really mean, Randy?)

I posted earlier this month a video revealing that on  December 29, 2011 Paula White not only tells her congregation that she will assume the Senior Pastor postion at New Destiny, she also welcomed Bishop Randy White back  to the Without Walls Congregation  to assist her as she pastor’s two congregations.

Paula White  also mentions in that same video that due to Randy’s  health challenges he would not assume full time leadership.  From reading the article today though, it appears that too has changed and Randy is back in the drivers seat.

You may recall that Randy White  resigned from the Without Walls Church shortly after arrested for DUI back in 2009,  leaving his sheep in the hands of his ex-wife Paula, then in 2011  shortly after Paula became Pastor of New Destiny it was reported that  the Without Walls Church Lakeland  property was left abandoned.  Now miraculously, Randy is restored, his health issues resolved and he is ready to resume leadership of Without Walls Church again.

Randy White, Paula's EX: Back at Without Walls Church in Lakeland and Tampa Florida

Chile Pleeze!!!  this story has so many twists and turns it is making my head spin just keeping up with it all.

As always CLB family please keep the White family in your prayers.


Bishop Randy White has returned to Without Walls International Church. White will serve as the overseer for the Tampa, Fla., and Lakeland, Fla., campuses of the church he started with his ex-wife, Paula, in 1990.

“I am so thrilled to be back at Without Walls International Church,” White wrote in an email newsletter to the congregation. “God has done a wonderful work in my life. He is the God of Restoration!!”

White resigned from Without Walls and handed the church over to Paula White in June 2009, citing ongoing health issues. Paula recently accepted the senior pastor position at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Fla., which was founded by the late Zachery Tims and his then-wife Riva.

It is unclear if Paula will continue serving at Without Walls. However, Paula’s name is not currently listed on the staff directory.

“I believe in Without Walls, and I know that God’s hand is upon this great church,” White wrote. “Let’s fight and take back the city of Tampa for Jesus! Together, we CAN DO THIS!”

White also informed Without Walls via his Facebook page that “I am now going to be the overseer Bishop of Tampa and Lakeland.”

Most of his Facebook followers were thrilled. Jennifer Gibson Baines posted on his Facebook page: “God does restore and put his people back in their rightful position. He’s not through with them yet. We all have faults and we all have sins. With God’s forgiveness we are white as snow and all our sins are washed away.”


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