R. Kelly’s Atlanta Homes Were Robbed Of Possessions & Sold Off


R. Kelly’s Atlanta Homes Were Robbed Of Possessions & Sold Off

Singer R.Kelly’s home in Atlanta along with another space he was renting has been burglarized while he was out on tour.

The Daily News reports that a woman hired to upkeep the mansion while Kelly was on tour in New Orleans told police that upon arriving at the singer’s home on November 26 that everything was missing.

The woman told police, “everything was gone.”

Authorities went on to check Kelly’s other home which he rents which was also robbed.

Neighbors told police that they remembered seeing movers taking the singers possessions and placing them in a truck. Police came to the residents the next day to find the “movers” at it again.

Arrested on the scene, the burglars told police that man by the name of Alfonso Walker informed them that Kelly was in the process of moving his team and organization to Chicago.  Apparently, Walker performed “odd jobs” for the singer according to police.

Police believe that Walker sold the items in Kelly’s house, “room by room” to make a profit. One man is said to have paid $6,000 for the items.

Captain Chris Byers thinks it impossible to assess the amount of lost because of the size of the home. HE explained, “There was a bunch of furniture and electronics stolen-a bunch of TV’s.” He continued, “You’re talking a TV in every room of the house.”

A warrant has been issued for Walker on, “two counts of burglary, two counts of theft by taking and at least two counts of theft by deception.” Authorities are working on locating the missing items.

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(Source: The Daily News

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