R Kelly Must Go Down, YAll!

 After not being able to come up with $100,000 bail money,  R. Kelly spent the night in jail allegedly in the hospital unit, Chile Pleeze!

R. Kelly went out of a Chicago prison Monday after publishing $100,000 bail that permits him to go complimentary while waiting for trial on charges that he sexually abused 4 people dating back to 1998, including 3 minor girls.

but a few hours earlier, R Kelly, yet again, claimed his innocence, though he had very little to say, chile, throughout his arraignment sticking only to just giving his name. Of course, he let his attorneys speak on his behalf.

The singer-songwriter was arrested Friday on 10 counts of exacerbated sexual assault. A court established bond at $1 million, meaning Kelly needed to publish 10 percent of that total up to be released and guess what rumor on the street is that the big badass Daddy who spits on women could not even come up with $100,000.

The black van that took Kelly far from the prison dropped in the parking lot of a huge downtown McDonald’s. The performer did not quickly emerge, but some participants of his entourage stood outside the automobile and a dark-colored Mercedes-Benz parked alongside it.

Yall all know Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, well allegedly. he gave the cops just what they needed (another videotape) and he is representing 2 of Kelly’s accusers.

Avenatti stated the 2nd video involves a 14-year-old lady. He said the video from 1999 or 2000 has to do with 55 mins long, yet he did not say if it was the same 14-year-old lady seen in the first video he committed the authorities.

“The conduct in the tape can be described as nothing except outrageous, illegal. It leaves no question regarding Mr. Kelly’s shame,” Avenatti claimed.

Avenatti claimed he knows of a third tape, but he did not provide details.

Defense lawyer Steve Greenberg stated at a press conference that Kelly has actually not done anything wrong as well as claimed no one has actually shown him any kind of proof to the contrary.

” Everybody is entitled to the assumption of innocence.” We must all be taking a go back. Let’s see what occurs, what the proof is and just how this plays out,” Greenberg claimed.

Details of the claims against Kelly came out on last Saturday when the prosecution launched 4 thorough records– one for each and every accuser– describing the basis for the fees. The accusations go back as for 1998 as well as span decades.

A lady that participated in Kelly’s youngster pornography trial in 2008 obtained his sign after a court session. He later on invited her to his home in the Chicago residential area of Olympia Fields, where they had sex numerous times beginning the following Might, when she was 16, according to the papers, which said he likewise slapped, choked as well as spit on the lady.

In 1998, another woman reported meeting Kelly at a restaurant where she was having a 16th birthday party. Kelly’s manager gave her the singer’s calling card as well as suggested she call Kelly. The woman’s mother heard the exchange, took the card and also told the manager her daughter was 16.

Yet her little girl, later on, retrieved the card from her handbag. She got in touch with Kelly, who told her to take a taxicab to his workshop, where they had sex regularly for a year, the records claimed. After the first encounter, she was offered an envelope of cash.

In early 2003, a Chicago hairdresser told prosecutors that she believed she was thinking she was supposed to tend to Kelly’s hair, yet he pulled down his trousers and instead attempted to force her to give him foreplay. The woman, that was 24, had the ability to retreat, but Kelly climaxed on her and spit in her face, the documents said.

Kelly’s DNA was found in semen on one of the accuser’s shirts, and sperm found on a t-shirt used by one more was sent for DNA testing, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx claimed. It was not clear when the accusers transformed the t-shirts over to authorities.

This must come to an end, clearly, R. Kelly is sick and needs help, but most importantly he has also, though it pains me to say this cause I love me some R Kelly music, is a predator point, blank and period!  As we all know a predator will strike and strike again, we must take care of and protect our young women, thus I pray they put him away and mandate that he receives help!