President Barack Obama Memoir: Pens His own Tell-All

Former President Barack Obama pens his own Tell-All chile, opening up  about a lot including the rocky road marriage he and Michelle shared during their eight years in the White House

The coolest President of all time, Barack Obama,  finally opens up about his time in office, marriage, and life after the White House in his much-awaited memoir called  “A Promised Land”. Surprisingly, he is even opening up about the long talked about rumors that Michelle was not always the happy First Lady in marvel with the world’s most beloved man.  a

Former President Obama says he could sense an “undercurrent of tension in her, subtle but constant,” noting that although she was becoming just as popular as he, there was a tremendous amount of stress involved.

President Barack Obama says … “It was as if, confined as we were within the walls of the White House, all her previous sources of frustration became more concentrated, more vivid, whether it was my round the clock absorption with work, or the way politics exposed our family to scrutiny and attacks, or the tendency of even friends and family members to treat her role as secondary in importance.”

He adds that there were many many nights while he was lying next to Michelle thinking about the time before he was Prez “when everything between us felt lighter when her smile was more constant and our loveless encumbered, and my heart would suddenly tighten at the thought that those days might not return.”

The  768-page book — which comes out next week — touches on many interesting topics including the historic 2008 election and 45.  I am so glad to finally be able to hear his take on that one there….